ONVIF Membership Breakdown

May 26, 2021 by ONVIF

Since its founding in 2008, ONVIF has been working to promote the interoperability of IP-based physical security systems. However, without the support and dedication of our 500+ members, our mission would be impossible. For those interested in membership with ONVIF, we put together a few answers to some frequently asked questions below:

Who can be members?
ONVIF is a non-profit organization that is open to all companies and interest groups who would like to participate in the global standardization of interfaces for IP-based physical security products. One of the key focuses of ONVIF is to work towards greater interoperability, which means manufacturers, distributors, end users, integrators and consultants can benefit from an ONVIF membership. Today, our collective member base offers more than 20,000 ONVIF conformant products, globally.

Are there different types of membership?
Like many membership organizations, ONVIF does offer several “levels” of membership. The four classes of annual membership – full, contributing, user and observer – seek to accommodate different levels of participation. Full and contributing members can serve on committees and working groups that make decisions regarding specification and profile development work of the organization.

User members are able to access the ONVIF device and client test tools, which allow those companies to submit products for ONVIF conformance, without being directly involved in the work to develop new ONVIF profiles. Finally, the observer level is open to members – such as integrators, consultants and system designers – who would benefit from the use of the ONVIF test tools to verify product conformance and interoperability between products for system design. Observers are not eligible to submit products for conformance nor market any products or solutions as ONVIF conformant. 

As ONVIF wishes to promote interoperability, it’s important to note that ONVIF profiles are available to the public on our website. However, only full, contributing and user members can access the test tools necessary to submit products for ONVIF conformance. The ONVIF Conformant Products web page is the only authoritative source for confirming if a product is officially ONVIF conformant. More information on membership levels can be found here.

Why should you join?
ONVIF membership benefits end users by offering the flexibility to pick and choose optimal products for whatever your needs are, without being locked into a specific vendor. It also assists end users in future-proofing their systems, for a more secure investment. For an integrator, ONVIF membership means you’re able to create a flexible, cost-effective and future-proof system for your customers. With 20,000+ conformant products, you’ll be confident in their interoperability and it will ensure the seamless integration of products from different vendors. Finally, the benefit for manufacturers is that offering ONVIF conformant products help those products gain market acceptance, as well as access to additional projects. You’ll also be able to build valuable partnerships by being part of the growing interoperability community.

If you are interested in joining ONVIF, you can find more information on the steps to membership here.


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