Become a Member

On this page, you’ll find everything you need to register for your ONVIF membership.

  1. Study and follow the instructions in Instructions for Obtaining Membership.
  2. Complete the online ONVIF Membership Application form  (This form is to be used for first-time submissions only. If your company has previously submitted an application, please contact ONVIF to update or renew your membership.)
  3. ONVIF administration will review received applications and send an invoice for the annual membership fee. Once payment and approval by the Steering Committee are received, the company will be listed on the ONVIF website and be considered a member in good standing.

Please note that the approval by ONVIF of your application may be subject to legal restrictions, such as but not limited to, US export control regulations and sanctions regimes. Please be advised that in these cases, the application process may be prolonged and ONVIF may ask you to submit additional information in order to properly assess your application. Membership may be denied if you fail to submit the requested information and/or if legal restrictions prevent ONVIF from adopting you as a member.


The ONVIF Rules of Membership refers to the formation date of the forum. The formation date is November 25, 2008.