ONVIF celebrates milestone 20,000 conformant security products

April 14, 2021 by ONVIF

2021 continues to prove itself to be an exciting year for ONVIF, as we are pleased to announce the achievement of a new milestone of 20,000 security products, which are now conformant to various ONVIF profiles. This new milestone speaks directly to the strong market demand for interoperability of hardware and software offerings and the relevance of ONVIF as a leading driver of open standards within physical security.

In the past few years, ONVIF has seen rapid growth in the number of conformant products – surpassing 10,000 just in 2018. This doubling in growth within three years is an indication of the clear commitment from ONVIF members and the industry at large to building IP-based products and systems that enable users to build, change and grow their system free of proprietary constraints.

To add to it, forthcoming ONVIF profiles – specifically the Profile M Release Candidate for metadata, which is to be finalized later this year – are expected to drive further growth in the number of conformant products to meet interoperability needs in new operational environments. This new profile will increase interoperability in the cloud space, as well as systems running advanced analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence.

“The mission of ONVIF is simple – to provide and promote open interfaces that in turn will increase freedom of choice for end users,” said Leonid Levit, chairman of the ONVIF Steering Committee. “Achieving this milestone means there is no question that the market regards interoperability, through ONVIF conformance, to be a fundamental requirement in our industry.”

ONVIF conformant products are produced only by ONVIF member companies and must support at least one ONVIF profile. Products must be registered under the ONVIF list of conformant products to be considered conformant. The Conformant Products page on the ONVIF website, onvif.org, is the only authoritative list of ONVIF conformant products.

Full press release can be found here.


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