Why You Should Consider Membership With ONVIF

July 1, 2020 by ONVIF

With a robust membership base of more than 500 companies, and 18,000+ conformant products, ONVIF is proof of the security industry’s demand for interoperability. With this in mind, you might be wondering how ONVIF can benefit your organization, or how it contributes to driving market innovation. If you’re interested in joining ONVIF, or you’re a member who’d like to be more involved, here are a few reasons why you should consider a membership with ONVIF:

You can contribute to driving innovation
ONVIF believes collaboration breeds innovation and as such, we offer ample opportunities for our members to come together, network and share ideas. Members at the Full and Contributing levels are able to participate in the three ONVIF committees – the Technical Committee, Technical Services Committee and Communication Committee. Only Full members are able to participate in the Steering Committee. Each committee oversees a variety of working groups, ranging from device and client testing to the development of use cases. In order to produce useful and effective standards, ONVIF relies on input across the industry from these working groups. These groups consist of ONVIF members who are working to develop the next ONVIF profiles, using feedback from members and the security industry.

Participation in ONVIF member events
While much of this will be taking place virtually for the year, the importance of collaboration hasn’t faded. One way ONVIF works to encourage collaboration in the industry is through our Developers’ Plugfests. Hosted twice a year, the Developers’ Plugfests offer members an opportunity to test their implementations of ONVIF profiles together with other profile-conformant products. Developers are also able to assess interoperability between their devices and those from other manufacturers. The most recent plugfest took place in Rome and saw more than 30 developers and engineers from 18 member companies participate.

Opportunity to collaborate with other industry leaders
With the exception of the Observer level, members have access to the ONVIF Member Forum. This forum provides a workspace featuring organizational news and information, as well as committee and working group information. Members can contact other developers and working group members to ask questions about ONVIF, the test tool, the conformance process and other technical requests. Additionally, ONVIF offers opportunities for members to contribute expert insight through guest social media posting at events, guest blogging opportunities and roundtable discussions.

By offering multiple channels for contributing to the development of standards, ONVIF enables our members the chance to be a part of a growing interoperability community.

Additional information on membership with ONVIF available here, and the full list of benefits available here.

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