ONVIF Benefits for End Users

  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased product choice
  • Future proof

ONVIF gives you the flexibility to pick and choose optimal products for your needs without being locked into a specific brand. An ONVIF conformant video management software, for instance, will allow you to integrate ONVIF conformant devices from different hardware manufacturers. With software that supports both ONVIF and proprietary application programming interfaces (APIs), you can choose to use the ONVIF interfaces for certain functionalities and the proprietary API for other features at the same time. Having ONVIF conformant products is like having an insurance policy that future-proofs your system for a more secure investment.

ONVIF offers thousands of conformant products from different vendors that support one or more ONVIF profiles.

ONVIF Benefits at a Glance (PDF)

Learn more about ONVIF by clicking on the video below.