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January 13, 2022 by ONVIF

Have you ever considered joining ONVIF but wondered what ONVIF membership is all about? There are many opportunities and benefits as part of an ONVIF company membership, which can include participating in the various ONVIF committees, working groups and attending ONVIF events. Read on to find out about the privileges that more than 500 companies are already enjoying as ONVIF members.

Participation in the work of ONVIF
As an industry alliance focused on providing interoperability interfaces to the market, ONVIF benefits from active participation from its members. Representatives of all full, contributing and registered affiliate members can be involved with committees and working groups to actively influence future profiles and ongoing standardization efforts. Through participation in ONVIF Communication, Technical, Technical Services and Steering Committees and working groups, members can attend ONVIF meetings around the globe, enlarge their professional network and interact with a culturally diverse group of individuals.

By participating in the specification work of ONVIF, you can also make it easier for your company to integrate with other member companies’ products by ensuring the specifications are well designed and comprehensive. Contact the ONVIF Helpdesk if you are interested in participating.

Declaring ONVIF Conformant Products and use of ONVIF branding
One of the core benefits of ONVIF membership is the ability to list your product in the ONVIF conformant product database and market your product using the ONVIF profile symbols, in accordance with the ONVIF brand standards. The ONVIF profile symbols convey to the market that your product has met the necessary requirements of interoperability with other ONVIF profile conformant products.

Once members have a new product or software that supports at least one ONVIF profile, they can begin the process of ONVIF conformance using test tools for devices and clients to self-declare conformance. After the appropriate checks and balances are complete, the product is officially ONVIF conformant and is listed in the ONVIF conformant product database.

In the password-protected ONVIF Member Portal, member companies can access the test tools and submit conformant product documentation and images for interface guides. The portal is also where members can download ONVIF logos, templates, marketing materials and policy documents, and maintain company membership profiles, including specific contacts in your company that have access to the company pages.

ONVIF Member E-News, Blogs & Social Media Promotion
Member representatives can stay on top of ONVIF news via the member e-newsletter. These typically include the latest news, profile updates, upcoming events, blog highlights and member spotlights. Contact the ONVIF Helpdesk to be added to the list.

ONVIF is always looking for perspectives from member companies to highlight in the weekly blog. Whether a roundtable on a trending industry topic or a profile of a member company, participation in the ONVIF blog is a great way to get some additional publicity as an ONVIF member and engage with the industry. All blogs are posted on ONVIF social media channels as well for members to share. Interested in being highlighted in an ONVIF blog? Contact us here.

There are many ONVIF social media channels that members can follow to keep up to date with the latest news and information. You can connect with ONVIF on our various social media platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Sina Weibo (微博), WeChat (微信) and Youku (优酷).

Interested in ONVIF membership? Learn more about becoming an ONVIF member here.


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