Reaching New Heights: A discussion with Leo Levit & Security Today

January 21, 2022 by ONVIF

In June of 2021, Leo Levit sat down with Ralph Jensen at Security Today to discuss recent trends and news for ONVIF. At the time, ONVIF had welcomed the addition of GitHub, was celebrating the milestone of more than 20,000 conformant products and had announced two Release Candidates. While 2021 brought many exciting updates to the organization and trends to the industry, it also brought challenges stemming from COVID-19. To look back at how much has changed since just six months ago, here is a recap of this episode of SecurPod:

Adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic
When the pandemic swept across the globe in 2020, many businesses were displaced by the sudden transition to online work environments. Since its start in 2008, ONVIF has been a global organization that relies on virtual collaboration, allowing the organization to quickly adapt to this widespread change. The security industry has proven to adapt efficiently as well, providing a multitude of virtual events and activities. Slowly we’ve started to come back to ‘normal’ with in-person trade shows, and ONVIF was able to hold the first face-to-face meeting since the start of the pandemic in November of 2021.

Trends and the role of ONVIF
Artificial intelligence has and continues to be a trend making firm steps in the security and technology industry. Cloud technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) also remain mainstream topics for vendors, system integrators and end users as the industry advances through the pandemic and into 2022. As these trends become more and more accepted into vertical markets, the role of ONVIF evolves as the capabilities of these technologies deepen. The pandemic accelerated these trends by presenting new use cases, in particular ones that involved video analytics, that could be solved with developing technologies to meet these new market demands. ONVIF was already hard at work on Profile M, which supports analytics metadata and events, such as those being used for crowd control and occupancy management applications.

To hear more of the discussion about ONVIF Profile M and Leo’s perspective on video analytics and the security market, you can listen to the full Security Today podcast here.

Interested in learning more about interoperability and the role ONVIF plays in the security industry? Read more on our blog.


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