Guide for Members

The following is a guide to help you explore the many opportunities and privileges with your ONVIF membership


ONVIF Conformant Products
Conformance to ONVIF specifications is with self-declaration by the ONVIF member for their manufactured/branded products. Here is a flowchart of the process. More information about the conformance process is available here. The ONVIF device and client test tools are downloadable from the Resources menu of the new ONVIF Member Portal.


ONVIF Member Portal
The ONVIF Member Portal at is a password-protected portal that allows representatives of all ONVIF members to:

  1. Get information, such as upcoming events and news, as well as technical discussions
  2. Access device/client test tools under the Resources menu
  3. Access the document repository that includes ONVIF logo files, Word and PowerPoint ONVIF templates, marketing materials including presentations and videos, and guideline and policy documents
  4. Sign up to the ONVIF Member E-news to stay informed

Note that if you have access to the old Member Portal (now called Member Tools) where you upload documents for conformant products, you can use the same credentials to access the new Member Portal. For new users, please select Register to open an account using your company email address.

Member Tools

Member Tools (previously called the Member Portal) is a password-protected site that allows:

  1. A member’s primary, secondary or technical contact with ONVIF to see his/her company’s membership profile, and provide others in the company with access to the site to upload conformant product documentation
  2. For Full/Contributing/Registered Affiliate/User members only: Place to submit conformant product documentation and upload/access images for interface guides

If you have issues with accessing the Member Tools site, please contact the ONVIF Helpdesk.

Using the ONVIF Brand

If you are an ONVIF member or your products conform to ONVIF profiles, we encourage you to communicate this by using the ONVIF logo and profile symbols. While doing so, it’s important that members review and follow the ONVIF brand standards to ensure proper usage of ONVIF logos and trademarks and to monitor the industry for correct usage. The logos are available here on the ONVIF Member Portal.


Participate in ONVIF
ONVIF has four committees and a variety of working groups. We encourage representatives of all Full/Contributing/Registered Affiliate members to get involved in committee work (annual election process) and the working groups to maximize the membership and help develop standards that matter. By diving into the ONVIF specifications, you can make it easier for your company to integrate with other companies’ products by ensuring the ONVIF specifications are well designed and comprehensively cover the use cases that are important to your company. Joining ONVIF also gives you the chance to enlarge your professional network and travel. You will work in a culturally diverse group, with professionals from around the world. As a contributor, joining an ONVIF working group should be seen as part of your existing work and may require up to 10% of an average full-time position. Contact the ONVIF Helpdesk if you are interested in participating.

  • ONVIF Specification Development on GitHub (GitHub introduction page/video)
    The ONVIF Technical Committee utilizes GitHub for the development of network interface specifications and related schema files. All ONVIF members and the global developer community are welcome to contribute to the development and discussion of ONVIF network interface and test specifications.


  • ONVIF Working Group Platform (wush)
    The Working Group Platform is a web-based tool for representatives of ONVIF Full/Contributing/Registered Affiliate members to collaborate, share documents, track issues and tasks within the working groups. Access to the platform is granted by sending a request to the ONVIF Helpdesk.


ONVIF Member E-news

The member e-news is the best way for member representatives to stay on top of what’s going on within ONVIF. Visit the ONVIF Member Portal to self-subscribe to the e-news sign-up form, or contact the ONVIF Helpdesk and request to be added to the list to receive news and event notifications for members.


ONVIF on Social Media
Please take a moment to connect with ONVIF and support us on our various social media platforms: X, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Youku (优酷).