Celebrating 25k conformant products and 15 years of interoperability

March 24, 2023 by ONVIF

ONVIF is proud to announce that it continues to deepen its influence and impact in the physical security market with the dual milestones of surpassing 25,000 conformant products and celebrating 15 years as the defacto industry standard for interoperability.

Since its inception in 2008, products that conform to ONVIF profiles have consistently grown in number and scope, beginning with core products such as IP cameras, video management software, and network video recording solutions. Today’s database of conformant products now encompasses intercoms, license plate recognition cameras, and can also include drones, and services such as video surveillance as a service (VSaaS), a reflection of both the growing value of video and the advantages of using cloud solutions. 

“ONVIF has accomplished quite a lot in its first 15 years, but our work is certainly not done yet,” said Leo Levit, chairman, ONVIF Steering Committee. “As the industry continues to adopt video analytics, Artificial Intelligence, cloud and IoT, the role of ONVIF as a provider of standardized interfaces in these domains will only become more relevant.”

To support the industry in these key areas of video analytics and integration with IoT systems is the ONVIF Profile M specification, which standardizes the handling of metadata and analytics events. Using the profile, systems integrators and end users can more easily manage the exchange of metadata between system components from different manufacturers, such as cameras, video management systems and other software platforms. Profile M also provides compatibility with IoT systems with support for JSON-formatted events over MQTT, a common protocol for IoT applications.

Other profiles include Profile S for streaming video; Profile G for video recording and storage; Profile T for advanced video streaming, Profile C for physical access control; Profile A for broader access control configuration; and Profile D for access control peripherals.  The list of conformant products is available only at onvif.org and is searchable by profile, ONVIF member company, product name and product type (device or client). 

Are you interested in being part of the next 25,000 products and 15 years of setting standards for interoperability? Membership is open to all – manufacturers, distributors, systems integrators, end users, consultants and other companies interested in continuing to standardize IP interoperability. 

Learn more about the benefits of ONVIF membership here.


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