​​ONVIF Releases First Add-on for Secure Communications

January 18, 2024 by ONVIF

ONVIF accomplished another milestone this week with the release of the first add-on, a new type of offering that extends ONVIF conformance to product features that address a specific use case or end user need. 

The TLS Configuration Add-on provides a standardized way to configure Transport Layer Security encryption, enabling a conformant video management system to initially configure or update TLS settings in a conformant device, such as a camera, to support encrypted communications between the device and client.

This can help to boost the cyber resilience of security systems, with TLS serving as a baseline and foundational layer of security. Using the ONVIF Add-on enables system integrators and end users to combine products from different vendors while enjoying a standard way to configure TLS for improved security.

An add-on involves a feature or features that address a specific use case or end user need that is not already covered under an ONVIF profile, enabling ONVIF to respond to the needs of the market more quickly, with increased interoperability and flexibility. An add-on can more easily address evolving technology/specification requirements, such as the case with cybersecurity. ONVIF profiles, meanwhile, are permanent, fixed sets of features that enable a functional product to be developed solely on the profile. Add-ons also support version handling to accommodate new technology additions or updates, unlike profiles which do not change. 

Products must conform to an ONVIF profile before claiming conformance to an ONVIF add-on.
For more on ONVIF Add-ons and the ONVIF conformance process, visit onvif.org.


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