Open standards: ONVIF Profiles can ensure future-proofing success

December 31, 2023 by ONVIF

Security technology professionals are well acquainted with the challenge of seamlessly integrating newer security products and services into their existing network of security technology. Retail businesses often need higher resolution or other specialty camera technology for specific applications, while multi-location organizations at times need to deploy new access control card reader technology without completely overhauling the bulk of their access control hardware.

Retrofit projects such as these make up a substantial portion of security technology installations by security system integrators, who are responsible for ensuring that seamless integration between new and old.  The popularity of retrofits stems from the ability to extend the life and efficacy of existing physical security systems while at the same time harnessing newer and more innovative technology.

Achieving success in effective retrofit projects often hinges on interoperability and establishing a common mode of communication among diverse devices within the security infrastructure.

In the initial installation phase, opting for products that adhere to open standards for interoperability, such as those provided by ONVIF, facilitates the ability to incorporate newer security components from multiple vendors in the future. New ONVIF-conformant cameras can easily be added to an existing video management system if both camera and VMS are Profile S or Profile T conformant. Older NVRs can also be replaced with newer models with Profile G conformant devices and a Profile G conformant VMS.  Using ONVIF conformant products enables the design of a comprehensive surveillance system that capitalizes on both existing and future technology.

Choosing products that adhere to open standards, exemplified by those from ONVIF, during the design of a new physical security system undoubtedly streamlines future retrofits, making them more efficient and cost-effective. It also empowers end users and their systems integrator partners to incorporate components from various vendors, creating a highly specialized “best of breed” solution.


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