Conformance Process

Only ONVIF members can make conformance claims and only products that have support for at least one ONVIF profile and that are registered under the ONVIF list of Conformant Products are considered to be conformant. ONVIF conformance is a self-declaration scheme and to claim conformance, the ONVIF device or ONVIF client must:

ONVIF conformance means that the requirements stated in the claimed ONVIF Profiles Specifications documents are fulfilled according to the defined requirement levels. To increase the confidence in the conformance statement, ONVIF also provides ONVIF Test Specification documents, ONVIF Device Test Tool and ONVIF Client Test Tool. This Conformance Process Specification defines how a member shall use these components to claim conformance to one or multiple ONVIF profiles.

For more detailed information, read ONVIF Conformance Process Specification, ver 4.0 (PDF, August 2016)

Improper Conformance Claims
If you find a product that improperly claims ONVIF conformance (i.e., it cannot be found by searching on the Conformant Products page), please report this to ONVIF using this form.