Why ONVIF matters to security systems integrators

December 7, 2023 by ONVIF

The role of the systems integrator in the successful design and installation of security systems can certainly be described as complex. Integrators are responsible for assembling an intricate network of security devices and software that need to communicate seamlessly with each other, all within the confines of the customer’s technology requirements and budget.

The reality is that these networks are often a disparate combination of technologies – from video cameras and network video recorders to access control systems and cloud based services. Many times these components are from several manufacturers and software vendors that often require proprietary communication protocols to communicate with each other,  leading to compatibility issues and communication breakdowns when these are integrated into a single system. 

To combat this, ONVIF standards are designed to aid security systems integrators by guaranteeing compatibility among ONVIF conformant products, regardless of their manufacturer, and simplify the selection and integration of different security technologies. When a security systems integrator relies on ONVIF conformant components, it ensures seamless collaboration, providing greater ease and flexibility during the planning and assembly of systems.

This efficiency can translate into significant labor and cost savings throughout the life cycle of the installation. Integrators can browse the ONVIF conformant database to select products or officially verify that specific products are ONVIF conformant. ONVIF conformant products can also reduce the time and effort expended on bench testing combinations of products. Integrators (and any ONVIF member at the User level or above) have access to the official ONVIF Test Tool which they can use to independently verify interoperability between specific ONVIF conformant products. These measures can significantly reduce time spent on configurations required at the job site, meaning that integrators can complete installations more quickly. 

ONVIF conformance also contributes greatly to the future-proofing of a security system. When using ONVIF conformant components, future technologies that are also ONVIF conformant can be easily added to the system at a later date, regardless of manufacturer. 

The inherent compatibility and ease of integration offered by ONVIF conformant components provides a myriad of benefits to security systems integrators, ensuring compatibility between disparate products and simplifying the installation process. This is why ONVIF conformant products have become a preferred choice within the security systems integrator community.Are you interested in learning more about how systems integrators can benefit from ONVIF conformant products as well as ONVIF membership? Find out more on onvif.org.


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