Calling All Members: Expert Insight Needed

January 26, 2021 by ONVIF

It goes without saying that ONVIF has always relied on its robust membership to facilitate market innovation and to meet the security industry’s demand for interoperability. However, like many other events and collaborative forums, ONVIF has moved to the virtual space, and while virtual has its perks, we do find ourselves missing face-to-face interactions with our members and industry partners. In light of this, we’re looking to engage more with members through blog and social media opportunities as a way to discuss industry trends and relevant topics. Below are three ways you can engage with the greater ONVIF community and its members:

Member Roundtable Blogs
In the ever-changing world of physical security, it’s helpful to get different perspectives and viewpoints from our members around the world. The ONVIF member roundtable discussions are published monthly and offer representatives from member companies the opportunity to weigh in on each month’s “hot topic.” Some examples include 2021 trends in access control and video surveillance – as well as some insights into how companies pivoted to virtual events in the first few months of COVID-19.

Member Profile Blogs
Each member of ONVIF has the opportunity to participate in a member profile blog highlighting some pertinent details about the company, as well as why they joined ONVIF. For a newer member, this is a good way to introduce yourself to the greater membership base, while discussing how your company benefits from interoperability. Here is a recent example.

Social media collaboration
While this opportunity was mostly reserved for events, such as GSX and ISC West, in light of those taking place virtually, there are still opportunities for ONVIF members to take the reins on ONVIF social media accounts for a limited period of time. This gives member companies another opportunity to introduce themselves and why they’re members, to the larger community.

As always, ONVIF is thankful for the insights, perspectives and general input from our members. If you aren’t a member but are interested in joining – here are a few reasons why you should join. If you’d like to participate in one of these blog or social media opportunities, please click here.


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