Greetings from Per Björkdahl

November 13, 2019 by Willy Sagefalk

Dear friends,

ONVIF and its profiles are widely known throughout the security industry as the standards by which products can use to communicate with each other and what enables devices and clients from different manufacturers to perform basic (but ever growing) sets of functions.

Some ten years and six profiles later, we’ve developed some other pretty cool stuff along the way. Some innovations are features, not intended for a specific profile, or a function that came into existence as a fortuitous byproduct of something else. In any case, our Core Specification today is full of these additional tools that can enrich the industry perhaps in different ways than some of our profiles.

One of our more recent examples is Export File Format, which provides the ability to export recorded video files in a common format and also provides the video player with which to play the clip. While it certainly serves an important function, particularly to the law enforcement community who need the ability to access video footage from multiple sources in the event of an incident, export file format is not included in any specific profile. Rather, it is a feature contained in our Core Specification, and ONVIF members are free to deploy the feature as they wish.

As part of our regularly scheduled meetings this year we have discussed many of these features. We are excited to have more to share with you in the coming months ahead as ONVIF continues to drive forward new profiles in parallel with discussions on these other innovations that can benefit specific markets or the industry in general.

Kind regards,

Per Björkdahl
Chairman, ONVIF Steering Committee

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