Defining Interoperability

July 12, 2019 by ONVIF

How do you define interoperability? For ONVIF, interoperability means providing choice. It means providing flexibility in an industry where that was not always possible. At ISC West, we sat down with a few of our member companies to hear their perspectives on how interoperability has benefitted their business.

Jeff Corrall, Strategic Partnerships and Integrations, March Networks
Interoperability is important to us because it allows us to focus on other things besides direct camera integrations, so we’re able to focus our development on customer-specific applications. That’s really the benefit to March Networks. For our customers, they don’t want to be tied to a single recorder brand, they don’t want to have to replace cameras if they want to integrate into other platforms in the future. We understand that importance and we support it greatly.

Brad Eck, Strategic Alliances Program Owner, Americas, Milestone
Interoperability is the core element of what Milestone believes. It’s in our DNA. We’re an open platform and we work hard to make sure that all players have equal access to drive common technology solutions. But then they can take it a step further and create their own value propositions beyond that. The open platform being part of our DNA has driven us to be able to say that we are a leader in the VMS field.

Shengfu Cheng, Director of Brand Research and Development, VIVOTEK
Part of VIVOTEK’s business is the whole ecosystem, which means that customers sometimes don’t want a total solution from VIVOTEK. They might want VIVOTEK’s camera, but they want a third party’s software. In this case, the integration between VIVOTEK’s camera and third parties is very important, and ONVIF played a very important role in this case. ONVIF is probably the only standard for this industry, for the integration of cameras and software.

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