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July 25, 2019 by ONVIF

ONVIF is an industry alliance for the physical security industry. With nearly 500 member companies and more than 13,000 conformant products available today, it is clear that the demand for interoperability is not going away. 

Operating on the basis of consensus, the next ONVIF profile will be developed based on feedback from ONVIF members and the physical security industry at large. ONVIF is not only for manufacturers. We need input from across the industry and beyond to continue to produce meaningful and effective standards. 

Interested in becoming an ONVIF member but not quite sure how? There are a variety of membership categories from which to choose, all with varying price points and perks.

Full and contributing members have the most influence on the development of standards, and are able to actively participate in the work of the organization through participation in different committees. Full members can participate as ONVIF Steering Committee members, as well as vote for Steering Committee members. Contributing members can chair and participate in all committees except the Steering Committee. Both membership categories can also participate in working groups and gain early access to specifications and related material.

The user member, the most common, is open to organizations who wish to use the network interface specification and have access to specification proposals but do not want to participate in any work of the organization. They receive access to all conformant tools and have the ability to declare ONVIF conformance, but do not contribute to the development of the standards.

The observer member level is open to organizations who do not want to participate in any work within ONVIF, but who wish to receive certain limited benefits, such as the right to access the Network Interface Specification test tools. Observer members may not present, claim, market or promote any hardware or software to be qualified as a conformant network product. Companies that are device manufacturers or client software vendors may not join at the observer level.

Our memberships start at $500, with the price increasing depending on the level of privileges. Whether you’re a start-up or well-established within the security industry, there is sure to be a membership level for you. Interested in helping to drive the industry toward a more open approach? Join us today.


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