5000 hours later, ONVIF hosts 20th Developers’ Plugfest

June 28, 2019 by ONVIF

ONVIF has achieved yet another milestone as the demand and implementation of interoperable solutions continues to grow.

Earlier this month, some of the brightest developers and engineers gathered in Tokyo for the 20thONVIF Developers’ Plugfest. The three-day event enabled developers to test their implementations of ONVIF profiles with other ONVIF-conformant products, and to give feedback on possible future directions of the organization. 

Plugfests have been a semi-annual norm since the founding of ONVIF in 2008, with cumulative participation from more than 1400 technical experts over the years. In total, plugfests have logged approximately 5,000 hours of testing, demonstrating our member companies’ steadfast commitment to providing flexible, best of breed solutions.

All of the plugfest participants across the years have directly contributed to the ongoing development of standards. By choosing to work collaboratively, member companies have accelerated the use of open source solutions as an industry norm, and single manufacturer lock-ins are becoming a thing of the past. It is through the plugfests that ONVIF receives valuable feedback to further drive the acceptance of interoperability.

In total, 47 developers and engineers from 22 ONVIF member companies gathered in Tokyo to test their products independently for ONVIF conformance, and were given the opportunity to test their devices with those from other manufacturers. Attendees logged nearly 250 hours of testing.

ONVIF Developers’ Plugfests are held twice each year around the world to accommodate the global membership base of ONVIF. The next Developers’ Plugfest is scheduled to be held in November 2019 in Rome, Italy.


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