Happy World Standards Day!

October 18, 2018 by ONVIF

Imagine a world without Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These ubiquitous standards have freed us from wires and allow us to connect seemingly anything together.  Or UL or ISO, whose collective safety and quality management standards ensure security, consistency and accountability in the supply chains of thousands of industries.

Running in the background, standards benefit us in our daily lives regardless of geography, nationality, industry and occupation. Without standards and the organizations that develop, promote and enforce them, the world would forever be different.

For the last ten years, ONVIF has enjoyed serving as the leading interoperability standard in the physical security industry, helping the market to realize interoperability and empowering buyers with product choice. So as the world celebrates World Standards Day this week, we offer our thanks to those organizations around the globe that have made our world safer, more convenient and more secure.


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