ONVIF Releases Profile T for Advanced Video Streaming

October 29, 2018 by ONVIF

In today’s market, efficient use of bandwidth and storage is an essential part of maintaining an effective video surveillance system. A video management system’s ability to provide analysis, real time event notifications and crucial image detail is only as a good as the speed and bandwidth of a surveillance network.

To that end, ONVIF is proud to announce the launch of our newest specification, Profile T for advanced video streaming. Profile T employs a new media service that supports new video compression formats, including H.265, as well as audio compression formats. ONVIF believes H.265 will become the most widely used compression format on the market, and recognizes the need to anticipate that migration as a future need of the industry.

Aside from H.265 capabilities, Profile T will have many of the same features as its predecessor, Profile S, with room for new advances, such as standardized event types, ensuring that video management systems and other software clients use one set of events to support all cameras, regardless of manufacturer. This includes alerts such as tampering, digital input and relay output. Profile T also enables a specific area of an image to be selected for analysis, using the conditional motion region detector configuration through the analytics service. Profile T also covers the streaming of metadata, including analytics and events.

With the development of Profile T, users are given more opportunities to utilize profiles together and create the best, most future-proof surveillance system possible.

Click here to read our announcement on the new Profile T.


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