ONVIF in the News

May 2021

ONVIF hosts 23rd virtual Developers’ Plugfest (Security Today)

How can ‘security’ systems benefit the larger enterprise? (Security Informed)

Second virtual Security Summit breaks new grounds with record-breaking global attendance (a&s Adria)

Which security technologies will be useful in a post-pandemic world? (Source Security)

ONVIF members test over 175 hours during virtual Developers’ Plugfest (Beveiliging)

ONVIF llega a la cifra de 20.000 productos conformes con su perfil (IP User Group Latino)

April 2021

State of the Market: Access Control (SDM Magazine)

ONVIF to guide industry through transformational change: new chairman (a&s Magazine)

What is the impact of remote working on security? (Security Informed)

What new technologies and trends will shape video analytics (Source Security)

ONVIF announces more than 20,000 security products now are conformant to its profiles (Retrofit Magazine)

Why video analytics, reopening measures and sustainability are driving interoperability demand in security (IFSEC Global)

ONVIF reaches milestone of 20,000 conformant products (IT Reseller)

ONVIF: 20k security products now conformant to profiles (Security Sales & Integration)

ONVIF llega a la cifra de 20.000 productos conformes (Ventas de Seguridad)

March 2021

What are the security challenges of protecting SMBs (Security Informed)

COVID-19 & The Security Industry: One Year Later (SDM Magazine)

ONVIF announces Leonid Levit as new chairman (IFSEC Global)

How can security promote and market itself better? (Source Security)

How have trade show cancellations impacted the security market? (Source Security)

ONVIF presentó a su nuevo president (Ventas de Seguridad)

ONVIF beneficia investigações criminais (Security Business Brazil)

February 2021

State of the market: video surveillance (SDM Magazine)

ONVIF announces new chairman (Security Today)

What are the positive and negative effects of COVID-19 to security? (Source Security)

AI and IoT continue to increase interoperability demands in 2021 (Security Magazine)

COVID-19 sparking greater demand for interoperability (Hi-Tech Security Solutions Magazine)

ONVIF® anuncia el nombramiento de Leo Levit como su nuevo president (TECNOSeguro)

Will the new decade represent a ‘Roaring Twenties’ for security” (Security Informed)

Furthering Interoperability (Security Middle East)

ONVIF anuncia el nombramiento de Leo Levit como nuevo presidente del Comité Directivo de ONVIF (IP UserGroup LATAM)

2021安防市场趋势:智能化技术持续作用安防行业 (IoT.China)

January 2021

What will be the security industry’s biggest challenge in 2021? (Security Informed)

Ready to ride the rebound (Security Sales & Integration)

What will be the biggest security trends in 2021? (Source Security)

Interoperability and the future of security (Security Buyer)

Which new buzzwords reflect the security industry’s trends? (Security Informed)

Key video surveillance technologies trends in 2021 you should know (a&s Magazine)

December 2020

Exploring Interoperability with ONVIF (GIT-Security)

What impact did the larger economy have on security in 2020 (Source Security)

Executive Q&A: The evolution of ONVIF’s Profile M standard (Security Info Watch)

Open Source Development: A Q&A with ONVIF (Ventas de Seguridad)

November 2020

ONVIF Hosts 22nd Developers’ Plugfest as a Virtual Event (SDM Magazine)

ONVIF Hosts Virtual Plugfest (Security Info Watch)

November 18th Webinar: Opening the Doors of Analytics with Standards (Security Info Watch)

ONVIF organiseert Developers Plugfest als virtueel event (Beveiliging)

ONVIF organiza el 22° Plugfest de Desarrolladores como evento virtual (IP User Group Latino)

October 2020

The future of open standards (Hi-Tech Security Solutions Magazine: CCTV Handbook)

October 21st Webinar: Building a secure, integrated – and touchless – access control system (Security Info Watch)

ONVIF introduces Profile M Release Candidate for metadata and analytics for smart applications (a&s Magazine)

ONVIF Enhances Access Peripherals with Interoperability (Security Sales & Integration)

ONVIF introduces Profile M Release Candidate focused on metadata and analytics for smart applications (Security Matters)

ONVIF Introduces Release Candidate For Profile M To Standardize Metadata And Analytics For Smart Applications (Source Security)

What are the new trends and opportunities in video storage? (Security Informed)

ONVIF presenta Profile M Release Candidate para metadatos y análisis para aplicaciones inteligentes (Revista Innovación)

ONVIF apresenta perfil para analíticos e metadados (Security Business Brazil)

September 2020

As baby boomers retire, what is the impact on physical security? (Source Security)

ONVIF Goes Live on GitHub for Open Source Development (SDM Magazine)

What is the role of higher education to create next-gen security leaders? (Security Informed)

Powering Interoperability with Per Björkdahl of ONVIF (Inside Access Control)

ONVIF Introduces Profile M Release Candidate for Metadata and Analytics for Smart Applications (Security Today)

Are Cloud-Based Systems More or Less Secure Than On-Premise Systems? (Security Informed)

ONVIF Goes Live on GitHub for Open Source Development (Security Middle East)

Open Source Development: A Q&A with Per Björkdahl (GIT-Security)

ONVIF introduces Profile M Release Candidate focused on metadata and analytics for smart applications (Security Matters)

Importancia de la colaboración en tiempos inciertos (Ventas de Seguridad)

August 2020

ONVIF Introduces Release Candidate for Profile D for Access Control Peripherals (Security.World)

ONVIF Unveils New Release Candidate for Access Control Peripherals (Security Sales & Integration)

ONVIF Publishes Release Candidate for Profile D (GIT-Security)

ONVIF adopts open source development (Hi-Tech Security Solutions)

ONVIF publishes concept for compliant access equipment (Beveiliging Niuews)

ONVIF Introduces Release Candidate for Profile D (Security Middle East)

ONVIF avanza en el desarrollo del perfil D para periféricos de control de acceso (Ventas de Seguridad)

ONVIF avanza en el desarrollo del perfil D para periféricos de control de acceso (IP User Group Latino)

July 2020

What are the challenges of retrofits, and how can they be overcome? (Source Security)

What are the physical security challenges of smart cities? (Security Informed)

New IP-Based Security Standard ONVIF Announces Open Sourcing (My Tech Decisions)

ONVIF Begins Open Source Development for IP-Based Security Products (Commercial Integrator)

ONVIF Expands Interoperability Work With Open Source Development (SDM Magazine)

ONVIF Streamlines Interoperability with Open Source Development (United News of India)

Onvif: Open Source Development for Physical Security Technology (GIT-Security)

ONVIF amplía el trabajo de interoperabilidad con el desarrollo de código abierto (Ventas de Seguridad)

ONVIF está implementando el desarrollo de código abierto para aplicaciones de seguridad física (TecnoSeguro)

June 2020

What technologies will disrupt the security industry in the second half of 2020? (Security Informed)

La próxima gran fase del control de acceso físico (Ventas de Seguridad)

May 2020

What’s new with video management systems (VMS)? (Security Informed)

Haven’t considered cloud? Now may be the time (Security Magazine)

Keep it Accessible: Industry Trends: Cloud and Cyber Security Continue to Drive Market (GIT-Security)

Which security technology is most misunderstood, and why? (Source Security)

April 2020

Cloud, cyber security and interoperability predictions for 2020 (Essential Install)

Standards: Anything but Standard (SDM Magazine)

Impact of COVID-19 on the security industry/standards (SecurityGuyTV)

What’s the next big thing in video image quality? (Security Informed)

Managing Feed Frenzies: 2020 VMS Trends, Opportunities and Developments (Security Sales & Integration)

What is the changing role of women in security? (Security Informed)

Rising to the Challenge: State of the Market, Access Control (SDM Magazine)

2020 Video Management System Trends, Opportunities and Developments (Campus Safety Magazine)

What is the Cloud (can we all agree?) (Source Security)

Control de Acceso Físico (Ventas de Seguridad)

March 2020

How does audio enhance the performance of security and/or video systems? (Source Security)

How have standards changed the security market? (Security Informed)

ONIVIF Hosts 21st Developers’ Plugfest in Rome (SDM Magazine)

February 2020

ONVIF Continues Innovating for the Future (SDM Magazine)

What Impact are Data Analytics Having on Security (Source Security)

ONVIF Hosts 21st Developers’ Plugfest in Rome (Security Systems News)

January 2020

New Functionality for Access Control (SP&T News Access Control 2019 – Year in Review)

ONVIF Hosts 21st Developers’ Plugfest in Rome Featuring 164 Hours of Testing (International Security Journal)

ONVIF Hosts 21st Developers’ Plugfest in Rome (Security Info Watch)

ONVIF Hails Collaboration Success of 21st Developers’ Plugfest in Rome (Risk-UK)

ONVIF organizó el 21º Plugfest de desarrolladores en Roma (Ventas de Seguridad)

ONVIF reflects on 2019, Looks to the Future (Security Systems News)

December 2019

What if a customer expects more than a security system can deliver? (Security Informed)

2019’s Most Popular Expert Panel Roundtable Discussions (Security Informed)

ONVIF reflects on 2019 accomplishments at its annual meeting (SDM Magazine)

ONVIF to discuss single interface for converging systems at Intersec (International Security Journal)

ONVIF compartió sus actividades de 2019 en la Reunión Anual (Ventas de Seguridad)

November 2019

Why Campuses Should Care About Open Standards for Security Retrofit Products (Campus Safety Magazine)

The Safe City and It’s Need for Interoperability (Hi-Tech Security Solutions)

La proxima gran fase del control de acceso fisica (Ventas de Seguridad)

October 2019

Why Open Standards are for Interoperability are Vital for Retrofit Projects (Security Sales & Integration)

ONVIF to Present at SiX Security Event 2019 (GIT-Security)

ONVIF focuses on common specifications for smart solutions at SiX 2019 (The Security Lion)

September 2019

Creating a Level Playing Field, One Profile at a Time (Security Technology) 

How Are Millennials Changing The Security Industry? (SecurityInformed)

ONVIF: Testing for Conformance (GIT-Security)

NIST empfiehlt Onvif Exportdateiformat für das FBI (IT Sicherheits News)

August 2019

The Safe City and Its Need for Interoperability (SecurityInfoWatch)

The Next Great Phase of Physical Access Control (Security Technology Executive)

How Is The Role Of Passwords Changing In Physical Security? (SecurityInformed)

Analizan las estrategias comerciales de seguridad física (Ventas de Seguridad)

July 2019

ONVIF Hosts 20th Developers’ Plugfest (SP&T)

How Are Required Skillsets Changing Among Security Operators? (SourceSecurity)

ONVIF Hosts 20th Developers’ Plugfest (SDM)

20th ONVIF Plugfest marks a new milestone (Security World Market)

Se llevó a cabo la versión 20 del Plugfest de Desarrolladores ONVIF (Ventas de Seguridad)

June 2019

NIST Recommends ONVIF Video Export Spec as New Standard for FBI (SDM)

NIST Endorses ONVIF Video Export Spec as New Standard for FBI (Security Sales & Integration)

How Are Standards Changing Physical Security? (Security Informed)

ONVIF Hosts 20th Developers’ Plugfest (Security Today)

ONVIF to Highlight Member Companies at IFSEC 2019 (ProSecureNewsonline)

El NIST recomienda la especificación de exportación de video ONVIF como nuevo estándar para el FBI (Techno Seguro)

May 2019

ONVIF y Johnson Controls (Ventas de Seguridad)

April 2019

Roundtable Roundup: Home Automation, Thermal Cameras, Alarms And More (SecurityInformed)

March 2019

ONVIF To Showcase Access Control Solutions In Smart Building Environment At ISC West 2019 (SecurityInformed)

Unified Physical and Logical Access Using Industry Standards and Protocols (SecurityInfoWatch)

ONVIF to Discuss Role of Access Control in Smart Building Environment at ISC West (SDM)

February 2019

ONVIF to Highlight Role of Access Control, Smart Buildings at PSA TEC 2019 (SecurityInformed)

La Interoperabilidad en la seguridad (Ventas de Seguridad)

January 2019

Trends of 2019 to Watch Out For: The Connected System and Commercial Security (Security Informed)

ONVIF to provide perspectives on global standards at Intersec 2019 (Security Middle East)

ONVIF provides perspective on standards (Security World Market)

ONVIF publica el Profile T para transmisión de video (Seguridad en America)

December 2018

ONVIF Reflects on 2018 Activities in 10th Annual Meeting (SDM)

ONVIF: A Vital Tool for Retrofit Projects (Security Magazine)

Enabling Access Control for Interoperability (SD&I)

ONVIF: 2018 Activities and the Annual Elections for Committees (S News)

November 2018

Security Industry Dropping Silos in favor of Open Systems (Electrical Contractor)

SIW Radio Episode 74: ONVIF evolves to meet the needs of the industry (Security Info Watch)

ONVIF Reflects on 2018 Activities in 10th Annual Meeting (LPM Insider)

ONVIF releases Profile T for advanced video streaming (Hi-Tech Security Solutions)

ONVIF publica el Profile T pasra transmisión de video avanzado (Ventas de Seguridad

October 2018

ONVIF Releases Profile T for Advanced Video Streaming (Security Info Watch)

Profile T and H.265: What to Expect (SourceSecurity)

Pro lo ONVIF T e H.265: compressione a prova di future (A&S Italy)

ONVIF presenteert Profile T voor geavanceerde videostreaming (Beveiliging)

ONVIF Releases Profile T for Advanced Video Streaming (CCTV Buyers Guide)

September 2018

What are the obstacles to adoption of mobile credentials for access control? (SourceSecurity)

Waterloo developer wins ONVIF contest (SP&T News)

ONVIF conformant products top 10K in 10th year (Security Dealer & Integrator)

What Do Enterprise Security Customers Want? And how can integrators give it to them? (SDM)

August 2018

ONVIF has reached the milestone as it celebrates its 10th year as a standards organization for video surveillance and access control functions (Security Sales & Integration)

ONVIF surpasses 10,000 conformant products (SP&T News)

ONVIF Conformant Products Top 10k in 10thYear (CCTV Buyer)

ONVIF’s Stuart Rawling on Profile T, ONVIF at 10 and the future of security  (IFSEC Global)

ONVIF conformant products tops 10K in 10th year (Security World Market)

Los productos compatibles con ONVIF superan los 10.000 en su décimo aniversario (Tecnoseguro)

July 2018

ONVIF Profile A: Bringing New Functionality to Multi-Supplier Access Control (MyTechDecisions.com)

ONVIF announces winners from Open Source Spotlight Challenge  (Securityinfowatch.com)

ONVIF: l’evoluzione di uno Standard (A&S Italy)

ONVIF celebrates 10th anniversary (Hi-Tech Security Solutions Magazine)

ONVIF Hosts Record-Breaking Developers’ Plugfest in Sweden (ProSecure Newsonline)

Global security products standardisation initiative ONVIF celebrates 10th Anniversary (RISK UK)

June 2018

ONVIF: l’evoluzione di uno Standard (A&S Italy)

Are integrators and end users overwhelmed by too many choices? (SourceSecurity.com)

ONVIF celebrates 10th anniversary (Hi-Tech Security Solutions Magazine)

ONVIF Hosts Record-Breaking Developers’ Plugfest in Sweden (ProSecure Newsonline)

May 2018

ONVIF Celebrates Global Adoption, 10th Anniversary (SDM Magazine)

ONVIF Fetes 10 Years of Advancing Interoperability Standards (SS&I)

ONVIF at IFSEC International 2018 (GIT-Security)

Global security products standardisation initiative ONVIF celebrates 10th Anniversary (RISK UK)

April 2018

The Evolution of a Standard: A look back at ONVIF’s first eight years (SDM Daily)

The Evolution of a Standard (Security Today)

The Multiple Site Conundrum (SP&T News)

Onvif challenges developers to create applications in profile T for transmission of video over IP (Digital Security)

March 2018

A Balancing Act: Cybersecurity takes a look at availability and protection (Security Today)

Integrating Disparate Security Technology with Standards and Partnership (Security Magazine)

ONVIF to Explore Standards, Safe City Deployments at ISC West 2018 (SS&I)

ONVIF Sets Open Source Spotlight Challenge for Developers with Cash Prize (Security Middle East)

ONVIF Launches Challenge to Help Resolve Global Issues (SecurityWorldMarket.com)

February 2018

A Balancing Act: Cybersecurity takes a look at availability and protection (Security Today)

Integrating Disparate Security Technology with Standards and Partnership (Security Magazine)

ONVIF Joins Access Control Panel Discussion at TechSec Solutions 2018  (Security World)

Spotlight on Hanwha Techwin Europe: Security Business President (Professional Security)

IoT y Seguridad Informatica (Ventas de Seguridad)

January 2018

Profiling the Latest in ONVIF Evolution by Bob Dolph (Security Sales & Integration)

ONVIF Hosts Developers Plugfest (Security Dealer & Integrator)

WEB TV: ONVIF Chairman Per Björkdahl on Access Control (SecurityWorldMarket.com)

Security System Interoperability to Become Standard in 2018 (Securityinformed.com)

ONVIF Explores Cyber Security at Intersec 2018 (GIT-Security)

Cybersecurity: Balancing Availability and Security (AS Italy)

December 2017

ONVIF hosts 17th Annual Developers’ Plugfest (Security.World)

Access Control Leads the Way (SP&T News)

Arecont Vision Rolls Out Free Miltisensor Cameras Upgrade for Customers (Security Sales & Integration)

Video Streaming Avanzada (Ventas de Seguridad)

ONVIF Celebró el 17.º Plugfest Anual de Desarrolladores (Revista Innovacion de Seguridad)

November 2017

ONVIF highlights achievements of 2017 in annual meeting (SP&T News)

What is the impact of standards on security systems and technologies? (Source Security)

ONVIF realizó el seminario web anual de miembros 2017 (TecnoSeguro)

Seagate-the 14th China Public Security Forum hosts in Shenzhen (Sohu)

How to choose the appropriate IP camera (Toutiao)

October 2017

Software Innovations Mark Progress in IP-Based Access Control (Cabling Installation & Maintenance)

4 ways to search for suitable Chinese products (ASmag.com)

Los beneficios de estándares abiertos (TechnoSeguro)

ONVIF publica Profile A (Ventas de Seguridad)

September 2017

ONVIF Announces Final Release of Profile A for Broader Access Control Configuration (Security Sales & Integration)

ONVIF Profile A: Bringing New Functionality to Multi-Supplier Access Control Bob Dolan, ONVIF Technical Services Committee and Director of Technology, Anixter (Security Buyer)

Interoperability for the Safe City  (ASIS Online)

Move To Open Interoperability (Electrical Contractor Magazine)

ONVIF Q&A: Latest profiles, cybersecurity and the Highways England project (IFSEC Global)

ONVIF Profile A: Multi-vendor access control (Sec Solution)

August 2017

How Intelligent IP Cameras Enhance Predictive Analytics (SourceSecurity.com)

Interoperability for the Safe City (Security Management/ASIS International)

ONVIF announces final release of ‘Profile A’ (Securityinfowatch.com)

ONVIF: Release Profile T for Advanced Video Streaming (GIT Security)

July 2017

ONVIF Announces Final Release of Profile A for Broader Access Control Configuration (Security Sales & Integration)

ONVIF Publishes Release Candidate For Profile T: Advanced Video Streaming (Security.World)

ONVIF Profile A: Bringing New Functionality to Multi-Supplier Access Control Bob Dolan, ONVIF Technical Services Committee and Director of Technology, Anixter (Security Buyer)

New Profiles from ONVIF (High-Tech Security Solutions)

ONVIF: The Evolution of a Standard (Security Solutions)

June 2017

Highways England to Deploy Standards-based CCTV System Based on ONVIF Open Standards (SecurityInfoWatch.com)

ONVIF Profile T and H.265: The Evolution in Compression (SecSolution.com/a&s Italy)

Cyber Security’s Balancing Act Between Availability and Protection (Australian Security Magazine)

May 2017

Are Mergers and Acquisitions Good or Bad for the Security Industry? (SourceSecurity.com)

ONVIF on Access Control  (Professional Security Magazine Online)

The Road Ahead for Smart Cities (Security Middle East)

La Ciudad Segura (Seguridad en America)

Benefits of ONVIF Agreements: An Interview with Tim Shen, ONVIF Representative (China Public Security)

April 2017

State of the Market: Access Control (SDM Magazine)

The City of Québec To Host the Next ONVIF Plugfest (Sécurité Québec)

What surprised you most at ISC West? (SourceSecurity.com)

ISC West Interview with Jonathan Lewit (Security Systems News – video)

ONVIF and the Push to H.265 (SecurityInfoWatch.com)

Interoperability, monitoring and Big Data in Smart City (SecSolutions/a&s Italy)

Perspectivas de actualidad (Ventas de Seguridad)

March 2017

Evolving IoT: Why standards and cyber security matter more than ever (Security Systems News)

Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure (Health, Safety & Security Review Middle East)

What’s Trending for 2017: cybersecurity, safe cities and interoperability (Security News Desk)

ONVIF’s Role in the IoT and Cloud-based Access Control (Security Solutions Today)

ONVIF development brief introduction (CSDN)

ONVIF Profile Concept (YouKu – video)

February 2017

The Development Trend of HD Cameras (Z5a)

ONVIF’s Plugfest on Its Way to Canada (SP&T News)

SSI’s 2017 Security Industry Forecast (Security Sales & Integration)

State of the Market: Video Surveillance (SDM Magazine)

ONVIF vs. soluciones de un unico proveedor (Ventas de Seguridad)

January 2017

Round Table Discussion Expert Views On PSIM, Analogue HD, Video Analytics And More (SourceSecurity.com)

ONVIF: 2017 at a Glance – Cyber Security, Safe Cities and Interoperability (SSN Gulf)

How ONVIF Impacts the Chinese Security Market (Hospital Information)

Opening up about physical security standards (Security News Desk)

ONVIF Profile A/Q/G/C/S (Jiangyu)

9 Sneaky Things to Watch in Security for 2017 (Security Sales & Integration)

December 2016

Cybersecurity increasingly demanded our attention in 2016 (SourceSecurity.com)

TechSec Solutions takes on the future (Security Systems News)

Talking About an Evolution (Security Middle East)

Interoperability between IP products of different brands (Sicurezza)

Why the Internet of Things Transforms Physical Security (TecnoSeguro)

HD Video Surveillance Solution for City Rail transit (China Public Security)


November 2016

Interoperability Vital for the Safe City (Security Dealer & Integrator, SecurityInfoWatch.com)

ONVIF helps industry to leverage standards (Security Systems News)

ONVIF members discuss future profile possibilities (Security News Desk)

The Internet of Things and Physical Security (Security Solutions Today)

How does ONVIF impact the Chinese security market? (55 Security)

October 2016

ONVIF Releases Profile Q (Professional Security Magazine Online)

Safe Cities Need Interoperability (Huawei’s IT-Online Industry News)

ONVIF looks ahead following a year of growing impact for the open industry forum (SourceSecurity.com)

ONVIF Highlights Role of Standards in Safe Cities, IoT at Security China 2016 (China Public Security)

ONVIF Speaks on Standards, IoT at European Security Conferences (GIT Security)

September 2016

The Race Is On (For Better Video Compression) (SDM Magazine)

ONVIF Helps Leverage Industry Standards (Security Systems News)

How to Use ONVIF’s Testing Tool (C Blog)

ONVIF Vs. Single Solution Providers (Ventas de Seguridad)

ONVIF initiatives aligning collaborative security projects (SecurityInfoWatch.com)

The Safe City and Its Need for Interoperability (Chief IT Magazine)

August 2016

ONVIF Releases Profile Q to Improve Ease of Installation, Advanced Security (Security Sales & Integration)

ONVIF Releases Profile Q for Quick Install, Advanced Security (Sohu)

ONVIF lanza Profile Q para instalación rápida, seguridad avanzada (Mas Seguridad)

ONVIF Chairman to Keynote IoT and Standards Webinar from Memoori (Security News Desk)

ONVIF Hosts 14th Developers’ Plugfest in London (Security Dealer & Integrator)

How to choose between an NVR and VMS running on an off-the-shelf server (SourceSecurity.com)

Safe Cities View (Professional Security U.K.)

Una lingua comune per il mondo IP: lo standard ONVIF (A common language for the IP world: the ONVIF standard) (SecSolution, a&s Italy)

The safe city and its need for interoperability (Australian Security Magazine)

Huawei Helps Shanghai Become a ‘Safe City’ (Enterprise Net)

July 2016

ONVIF Hosts 14th Developers Plugfest in London (Security World)

ONVIF Drives Industry Standards Evolution (SecurityInfoWatch.com)

ONVIF: The Evolution of a Standard (Hi Tech Security)

Profile Q: For Easy Configuration (Security Middle East)

El estándar ONVIF: Todos Salen Ganado (“The ONVIF Standard: Everyone Wins” in Ventas de Seguridad)

Dahua launched new cloud storage system (C114)

HD Monitoring for the Safe City (Security Knowledge Net)

Twenty Years of Growth for the Network Camera (HC360)

June 2016

ONVIF drives industry standards evolution (SecurityInfoWatch.com)

ONVIF and the Advantages of Using the Specification (a&s China)

Top 50 Most Influential People in Security and Fire 2016: Results Announced (IFSEC Global)

Guia ONVIF par principiantes (“ONVIF Beginners’ Guide” in Negocios de Seguridad)

How can security integrators/installers stand out in the market? (SourceSecurity.com)

The Safe City and Its Demand for Interoperability (CPS.com)

Analysis of the global access control market in 2016 (eeworld.com)

The influence of Internet intervention on the security industry (cps.com)

May 2016

ONVIF Member Views (Professional Security Magazine)

ONVIF: The Evolution of a Standard (Memoori)

Vista a Onvif en ISC West 2016 (Ventas de Seguridad)

Facial Recognition Applications Open a New Door (anf-z.com)

The Big Change Facing Data Storage: Platform Management Becomes a New Trend (hc360.com)

ONVIF Sets Up Use Case Working Group (cps.com, Security Sales & Integration)