Network Interface Specifications

The ONVIF Network Interface Specifications define the network protocols for ONVIF compliant devices. The specifications includes detailed service requirements and interface definitions.

Documents Service definitions Schema files
Core specification
ONVIF Core device.wsdl onvif.xsd, common.xsd
Data format specifications
Streaming metadatastream.xsd
Export File Format
Service specifications
Access Control accesscontrol.wsdl types.xsd
Access Rules accessrules.wsdl
Action Engine actionengine.wsdl
Advanced Security advancedsecurity.wsdl
Analytics analytics.wsdl rules.xsd
Credential credential.wsdl
Device IO deviceio.wsdl
Display display.wsdl
Door Control doorcontrol.wsdl
Imaging imaging.wsdl
Media media.wsdl
Media2 media2.wsdl
Provisioning provisioning.wsdl
PTZ ptz.wsdl
Receiver receiver.wsdl
Recording Control recording.wsdl
Recording Search search.wsdl
Replay Control replay.wsdl
Schedule schedule.wsdl
Thermal thermal.wsdl
Video Analytics Device analyticsdevice.wsdl