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Access control with ONVIF Profile C and Profile A (Chinese)

本视频介绍了基于IP的访问控制以及使用ONVIF Profile C和Profile A所带来的益处,同时介绍了如何将访问控制与应用ONVIF Profile S的视频监控系统集成。

Evolving IoT – Why standards and cyber security matter more than ever

August 2017 – Webcast

Access control with ONVIF Profile C and Profile A

This video is about IP-based access control and the benefits of using ONVIF Profile C and Profile A. It’s also about how access control can be integrated with a video surveillance system using ONVIF Profile S.

ONVIF Profile T—用于高级视频数据流 (Chinese)

ONVIF Profile Concept

A video that explains why the profile concept is a cornerstone of ONVIF and how it makes standardization easier to implement and understand, and helps drive interoperability efforts in the industry. To view this video with Spanish subtitling, click here.

ONVIF Profile Concept (Chinese)


a&s Italy/SecSolution TV Interview with Jonathan Lewit of ONVIF on IoT

Our friends at a&s Italy and interview Jon Lewit at Intersec 2017 in Dubai, discussing Profile Q, the cyber security of edge devices and how ONVIF can simplify some security measures around cyber security.

ONVIF Conformance

This video explains how ONVIF works, why its needed and the benefits it provides to security systems integrators, manufacturers and end users. The video includes guidance on determining if a product is ONVIF-conformant and details on the conformance process. To view this video with Spanish subtitling, click here.