ONVIF Newsletter July 2024


Greetings from Leo Levit,

At more than a few events and gatherings over the past year, we’ve been asked one seemingly basic question: “How does ONVIF actually work?” More specifically, people want to know, “How does a profile actually become a profile? How does ONVIF determine what technology areas to standardize? Can a company like mine join, and contribute to ONVIF?”

At first, this was a bit surprising, given that ONVIF has been widely known as the industry’s chosen provider of video surveillance interoperability standards for the past decade. But in fact, these questions make sense when you examine them in the context of today’s technological turmoil, as cloud video technology and the influences of AI continue to upend the traditional dynamics of the video surveillance industry value chain.

These changing market forces are making many different types of companies reevaluate their strategies and realize that they can be proactive in shaping the future of technological change. This means that ONVIF is no longer just in the background, keeping the lanes of interoperability open, but is a concrete way for nearly any stakeholder – manufacturer, reseller, integrator, and user – to contribute to the future of standardization in video surveillance and security.

ONVIF welcomes this curiosity and drive to help contribute to standardization efforts and in fact, industry participation in our work on cloud, metadata, audio, and other matters concerning video technologies is at one of its highest levels in our history.

So if you have ever been curious about how ONVIF selects a profile, please come find out! You can find out more about options for membership here on our website, as well as in this short video here.

Kind regards,

Leo Levit
Chairman, ONVIF Steering Committee


New Working Groups for Cloud, Metadata and Audio Bring ONVIF Participation to a Historic High

Three new working groups have been formed to tackle standardization work in cloud connectivity, audio, and advanced metadata. The creation of the new working groups, which are made up of volunteers from ONVIF member companies, is in response to the growing prevalence of cloud solutions and the use of metadata for analytics in the physical security and video surveillance markets.

Together with the ongoing work of existing ONVIF working groups and committees, these new initiatives represent a historically high level of industry participation in the standards development work within ONVIF.

Read more in our press release here.

The ONVIF profile that has experienced the fastest adoption is Profile M for metadata with nearly 2,500 conformant products. Profile M was introduced to the market in 2021.

ONVIF Member Spotlight: 3S System Technology, Inc.

With Jeffery Lee, Chief Executive Officer, 3S System Technology, Inc.


What does your company do? What services, or products, do you provide?

3S System Technology, Inc. provides exceptional smart security surveillance products, cutting-edge AI intelligent video analysis, and advanced smart video management software and systems. With over 17 years of expertise in physical security solutions, 3S has been recognized as a qualified supplier by the GSA (General Services Administration) and has collaborated with numerous domestic and international partners to create many successful cases.

Read more of our interview with 3S System Technology here.