ONVIF Newsletter July 2023


Greetings from Leo Levit,

I’m sure many of you agree that time flies when you are having fun, and perhaps also when you are doing something meaningful. It is hard to believe that this year we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of ONVIF and reflecting on the impact and longevity of ONVIF in the physical security space.

As part of that celebration, we are proud to take note of some major ONVIF milestones: nearly 500 members and more than 26,000 conformant products available for end users, systems integrators, and consultants to choose from in order to build a system that best fits their needs. This list of products, available on onvif.org, continues to grow in number and in scope. These are two key accomplishments that we are very proud to have achieved and it continues to increase the freedom of choice available to the industry.

As the market continues to embrace interoperability standards, we can only imagine what the next 15 years of ONVIF will include. Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels to hear directly from ONVIF member companies about what ONVIF membership means to them and their customers as we continue to recognize this special year in ONVIF history.

Kind regards,

Leo Levit
Chairman, ONVIF Steering Committee


TLS Configuration Add-on Release Candidate

ONVIF is excited to announce the release of the TLS Configuration Add-on Release Candidate, our first add-on to be developed. An add-on allows for devices and clients to conform to specific features that are not included in an ONVIF profile. The TLS Configuration provides support for secure communications between ONVIF devices and clients using Transport Layer Security.

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ONVIF has member companies in nearly 40 different countries around the world?

Blog Highlight: Understanding Today’s Cloud

Today’s cloud picture is quite bright for security providers and their customers because it’s become the superior enabling technology for many new services and revenue streams.

For system integrators, the current landscape is expanding in tandem with the growth of loT, connected products, and smart edge devices as well as the maturity of cloud ecosystems. Along with the move to standardize communication between devices, software clients, and cloud services, this expansion within the cloud is propelling a new era of interoperability.

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ONVIF Member Spotlight: Videonetics

With Avinash Trivedi, VP – Business Development, Videonetics

What does your company do? What services, or products, do you provide?

Videonetics is a pioneer in video computing technologies and a leading brand in innovative video management solutions for the physical security & surveillance requirements of a wide spectrum of industries.

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