How ONVIF Benefits a System Integrator

August 28, 2018 by Austin Leavitt

Compatibility between products and open source systems makes a system integrator’s job much easier. As assembling security systems requires putting together complex networks of devices and components, it’s important that all these devices and components work together to create a functioning, effective system. Video cameras, management systems and access control devices all need to be able to properly communicate with each other, using the same communication protocols and languages. That’s where the ONVIF Standard comes in so useful for systems integrators.

The ONVIF standard ensures that all ONVIF-conformant devices – security cameras, video management systems, access control – are compatible with each other, and share the same communications protocols, regardless of manufacturer. While it’s not uncommon for systems manufacturers to use their own proprietary software and communication protocols, with hundreds of different manufacturers all making IP cameras and access control systems, there is simply too much room for incompatibility and miscommunication between components.

A majority of security system manufacturers now offer most of their products as ONVIF-conformant, ensuring they all fit together into one system, of virtually any configuration or size, without issue.

And since ONVIF is an open standard, available to any manufacturer or organization who wishes to participate, there is no shortage of ONVIF-conformant devices and parts available to choose from.

This provides several different benefits for manufacturers, who can now spend more time on developing useful new camera and security technologies that benefit overall security and the end user, rather than creating new APIs and software for integrating them in the first place. But the benefits for systems integrators, like Safe and Sound Security, are even greater.

How We Use The ONVIF Standard

Simply put, using ONVIF makes our job easier. As a security systems integrator, almost all products we use are ONVIF-conformant. Using only ONVIF-conformant parts for every installation ensures every part works together, all the time, allowing for greater ease and flexibility when planning and assembling systems.

We know ahead of time that every device we use will work with other devices from the same family – IP video cameras work with IP-based video management systems, access control systems work with other access control systems, etc.

This saves us quite a bit of headache when it comes to planning and installing security systems; there’s no need to test devices for compatibility with each other, and ONVIF-conformant systems work seamlessly with other devices of that same profile – regardless of manufacturer, saving significant time and trouble. Cutting down on time and effort expended on installation, in turn, cuts down on the cost associated with installations – and allows us to get systems and products installed at faster turn-around times and sooner dates.

Furthermore, using only ONVIF-conformant devices helps ensure the systems we install stay future-proof, far into the future. As software and communications protocols continue to evolve and develop over time, certifying products as conformant with ONVIF profiles ensures that components can be added to security systems later, without compatibility worries. It also allows us to scale security systems and installations easily, as each component and system easily adds onto the next.

It’s this sheer compatibility and ease-of-integration that keeps us coming back to ONVIF-compatible components. And since virtually every big-name manufacturer of security systems and cameras now uses the ONVIF standard, we know we’re using the best and highest-quality systems available.

Author bio:

Austin Levitt is Content Marketer for Safe and Sound Security, a systems integrator that provides burglar alarm, video surveillance, and access control installation and services to residents and business in California, working from six locations. You can read more from Austin on the Safe & Sound blog.

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