Understanding ONVIF in 10 Minutes or Less

August 23, 2018 by ONVIF

Let’s face it – understanding and explaining standards isn’t always easy, whether it’s a deep dive into the technical mechanics of the specification, or an overview of how and why the standard is important to many different stake holders in the market.

Perhaps you are a consultant that needs to explain the value of the ONVIF open platform approach to your security director client when designing a project. Or you are a sales rep for an IP video surveillance company and you field questions about ONVIF Profiles and how to determine what features are supported in your product.

To aid in the continuing education of the market about its approach to interoperability, ONVIF has assembled a short presentation that explains the different profiles, how ONVIF works as an organization, how conformance is achieved and its importance to users and to the market as a whole. The presentation is designed to be used as a tool for ONVIF education and can be downloaded from the ONVIF website here.

Are there other similar types of tools or materials that ONVIF can provide to the market? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.




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