Reviving the Face to Face: ONVIF hosts All Committee meetings in Portugal

November 29, 2021 by ONVIF

ONVIF welcomed members to its 2021 All Committee meetings in mid-November in sunny Lisbon, Portugal–our first opportunity to hold face-to-face committee meetings in more than two years. About 25 representatives from ONVIF member companies gathered for three days of committee meetings and working group sessions to discuss the roadmap, specification, profile and add-on development, communications activities and events.

ONVIF is accustomed to working as a virtual organization, with committee members around the globe meeting regularly via Zoom. This opportunity to come together in person–the first since meetings in Hong Kong in September 2019–was a great reminder of the importance of having face-to-face interactions for making new connections, introductions to new team members, and overall team building.

ONVIF Steering, Technical, Technical Services and Communication Committees, as well as working groups, have traditionally gathered up to four times per year in different locations around the world. Locations for the most recent meetings held in 2019 and 2018 included Catania and Rome, Italy; Malmo, Sweden; Shenzhen, China; Bristol, U.K. and Austin, Texas, to name a few. Participation is open to full and contributing member representatives.

Interested in becoming active on an ONVIF committee or working group? Please click here to see the benefits associated with the different levels of ONVIF membership.


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