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May 5, 2021 by ONVIF

From thought leadership bylines and articles discussing security trends, to company news releases and new product announcements, ONVIF members continue to create innovative solutions for today’s safety and security needs. With that in mind, we’re highlighting member news from just a few of our member companies:

Evolving Technologies for an Evolving World (International Security Journal)
International Security Journal spoke with Mark Allen, general manager, physical access systems, Identiv, on how uses for video surveillance in security have changed and evolved over the years. 

How Touchless Solutions are Evolving in a COVID and Post-COVID World (Campus Safety Magazine)
ASSA ABLOY discusses touchless solutions for use on educational campuses, and how COVID-19 has impacted adoption of this technology, with Campus Safety Magazine.

Vanderbilt Industries
Tackling the Challenge of the Growing Cybersecurity Gap (Security Informed)
Security Informed published this article from Vanderbilt Industries on the renewed focus of cybersecurity, as threats continue to emerge.

Interview: A Healthy Security Outlook (Security Middle East)
Fahmi Jabri, general manager, Honeywell Commercial Security, discusses challenges presented by a post-pandemic world, how Honeywell has adapted and what some of the trends in video analytics are. 

Gaining a video surveillance ‘edge’ in the cloud (Security Magazine)
Security Magazine published this article from Nigel Waterton, chief revenue officer, Arcules, on edge storage and how security can utilize it.


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