Three Ways We’re Thankful This Year

November 23, 2020 by Rachel Peck

As some of us head into the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving in the US, it’s hard to not look back at the year and see only the challenges we all faced together. However, amid the uncertainty of 2020, ONVIF and the collective security industry continued to move forward – driving the market and retooling our technologies to assist businesses in our new pandemic way of life. Despite everything 2020 has thrown at us so far, we certainly still have a few things to be thankful for.

A growing membership and more ways to collaborate
We welcomed many new members to ONVIF this past year – growing our membership base and engaging with the community at large. Additionally, with the migration of our network interface specification development of GitHub, an open source platform, ONVIF has made it easier for members to contribute as well as opened up some of our specification development processes to the greater global developer community. 

Members committed to the interoperability of systems
ONVIF began 2020 with about 13,000 conformant products and we anticipate that in early 2021 we will reach the milestone of 20K conformant products. This rapid growth in products speaks to the accelerating demand for connected systems and the ability of our member base to meet that demand. As end users are searching for systems to keep buildings, people and assets safe, they are also searching for flexible, best of breed solutions from manufacturers that they can mix and match for a customized solution to meet the exact needs of their applications.

Our 22nd Developers’ Plugfest, our first ever virtual event, was as successful as any of our previous in-person plugfests, showing that our members remain committed to testing and refining their implementations of our Profiles to continue offering their innovative solutions based on the ONVIF framework.

Always thankful for member involvement
As in any volunteer organization, the work of ONVIF is fueled by hard-working volunteers who are committed to the mission and vision of our organization. The ongoing engagement from the members of our Technical Services and Technical Committees, who develop and execute the release of new profiles and maintain and refine our core specifications, is critical to the success of our organization. Additionally, other member companies work very hard to provide executive leadership direction and to communicate the activities and messages of ONVIF to the industry at large.

We are most thankful to those members involved in the day to day operations of ONVIF as well as to all of our more than 500 members who have chosen to maintain their membership in ONVIF. 

Though 2020 has been full of surprises, obstacles and challenges that have led to an entirely different way of life, at ONVIF we feel privileged to be part of a greater industry of experts who are striving for a safer, healthier future for us all.

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