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June 14, 2019 by ONVIF

Headed to IFSEC next week? So are we! Alongside over 40 member companies, ONVIF will host a booth (IF2524), where attendees can relax and recharge their electronic devices while learning about the ONVIF approach to standards. While there are proven business benefits to adhering to the ONVIF standard, don’t take it from us – stop by any member booth and ask how ONVIF has benefitted them. But first, check out a sneak peek into what they believe interoperability brings to the market.

Giles Raine, Software Product Manager, IndigoVision; Stand no: IF1820
IndigoVision pride ourselves on being an open platform, and ONVIF is absolutely key to that. Our customers don’t want to be locked in to one supplier, they want the freedom to choose. Also being standards-based makes our job easier from an Engineering perspective, as rather than developing and maintaining lots of proprietary camera drivers, we can standardise on ONVIF conformance, which leaves us with more time to focus on development of other functionality.

David Tscholl, Product Management, Commend; Stand No: IF210
The world is getting more and more complex. We have audio vendors, we have experts in the camera industry, we have multiple solutions, we have a lot of vertical markets. It’s getting away from a product approach and moving more to a solution approach, and we definitely need a universal language. ONVIF for video definitely helps us to connect us to different systems, so that’s the most profit for our customers and the customers of our technology partners. It gives them the flexibility to choose the best solution for the best vertical market. Therefore, we appreciate that ONVIF is assisting as our universal language in the video industry. We’re looking forward to putting ONVIF more and more in our products. I think that creates the best solution for everyone in the market.

Tim Shen, Director of Marketing, Dahua Technology; Stand no: IF940
Right now ONVIF standards are the most adoptable standards in the industry. By using the ONVIF standard, we can really provide the most convenient and standard interface to our customers. It’s not just about benefits to manufacturers, but also systems integrators and end users. All the parties involved in this ecosystem can really save time and save costs, which benefits everyone.

Frederick Wallberg, Director of Marketing, FLIR; Stand no: IF730
Interoperability for our customers is imperative. We’re here at ISC West and we’re showing interoperability almost at every station, as that’s how customers are using security products. It’s very rare that it’s a greenfield install with an end to end solution. If a customer wants to have that, we certainly can provide that, but we understand that whether it’s an existing infrastructure or building a best of breed solution, interoperability is really the key to making things work.

Jon Marsh, VP Product, Oncam; Stand no: IF635
Oncam specializes in 360 degree video and wide angle video, so for us we’re one part of any solution for our customers. Working closely with partners and seamlessly linking with other solutions is key to what we do. Interoperability is fundamental to everything Oncam wants to achieve for its cust


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