Beyond our Founders

February 26, 2019 by ONVIF

You’ve heard it before – ONVIF was founded by Sony, Axis and Bosch over 10 years ago to fulfill a common goal: interoperability for IP based video systems. While our founders spearheaded the mission that has driven ONVIF to around 500 members today, there are so many other active member companies that contribute to the work of ONVIF that enable it to be the leader in IP interoperability.

Our member companies are stepping up to the plate. In the next few months, ONVIF will be attending multiple trade shows, including PSA TEC in March and, of course, ISC West in April. On behalf of ONVIF, Anixter is sending representatives to both events to present and highlight the role of access control in the burgeoning smart building market. By leveraging the wealth of industry experience from within our membership, ONVIF is able to continue to provide educational opportunities to learn more about the importance of standards from those who use them the most.

In addition, ONVIF holds quarterly face to face meetings where representatives from member companies come together, specifically those who participate in working groups, to discuss the activities of the year and direction for the future. Many of the companies who work together through ONVIF are direct competitors in the market. Putting that side of business on standby allows for the most innovative minds to come together to create the solutions of tomorrow.

From webinars, to guest blog opportunities, to the actual development of ONVIF profiles, we ask you to join us in thanking the many people who continue to drive the mission, education and outreach of ONVIF.  


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