ONVIF Conformant Products Tops 10K in 10th Year

August 21, 2018 by ONVIF

In 10 years, ONVIF has made significant strides. From the initial release of Profile S so long ago, to the eventual expansion to the access control sector, to the final release of Profile T in the next few months, ONVIF has proven to be a force of progress and change within the industry. By providing a common mission, ONVIF has created one of the largest collaborations among competitors and the result of this teamwork has led to groundbreaking advancements, benefitting end users, manufacturers and integrators alike.

With the increased demand for interconnectivity on the rise, we are proud to say that in our 10th year as an organization, ONVIF has surpassed 10,000 conformant products, further broadening the organization’s offering and relevance in the IP-based physical security marketplace. Through the implementation of standards, ONVIF has leveled the playing field between big corporations and those companies just starting out. With a long list of benefits, it is no wonder that many of the large players in the market are also ONVIF member companies.

With profile concepts addressing both video surveillance and access control functions, ONVIF standards have paved the way for traditional security implementations, as well as providing solutions for newer and more relevant technologies, such as Safe City initiatives, IoT applications and intelligent building automation. To learn more about this milestone and why companies continue to choose ONVIF, check out our press release here.



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