Election Process for ONVIF Committees

Following its first meeting for members and interested parties in December 2008, ONVIF now initiates the invitation and election process to fill the open positions of each committee. Due to the size of expected participants for an initial year, each committee will expand to 5 Member Company positions in 2009. Members can therefore apply for the 2 additional lsquo;open rsquo; seats in each committee.

New steering committee members shall be appointed by invitation by the current Steering Committee (Initiators) as described in the Rules of Membership. New committee members for the Technical Committee, Technical Service Committee and Communication Committee shall be appointed by election. Applicants need to be a Full or Contributing member of ONVIF. All ONVIF Full and Contributing members are eligible to vote in the election process.

Members who would like to contribute to be committee members should send an e-mail to info@onvif.org indicating which committee seat they are applying for by January 23 closing time (US pacific time).
As for qualification of application, applicants of committees must complete membership
application process and payment before February 2.