ONVIF Newsletter April 2021


Greetings from Leo Levit,

Greetings! I am Leo Levit, the new chairman of the ONVIF Steering Committee. I am honored to be in this new role and am glad for the opportunity to address all of you here for the first time in our newsletter.

Our work to provide solutions for interoperability among IP devices is even more important today than it was in the early days of ONVIF, when basic compatibility between a simple IP camera and a recording device was still a luxury. Today, this interoperability is not only an expectation but a major enabler for manufacturers and systems integrators to create solutions that best meet the specific requirements of their customers.

To that end, we are pleased to announce that ONVIF has reached more than 20,000 profile conformant products. This milestone reflects the variety of product choice available to end users and the commitment of our manufacturer members to promote the use of open standards for safety and security solutions.

From a broader perspective, the COVID-19 pandemic has over the past year forced many of us to seek out creative solutions for new business problems, many of which can be solved with solutions that rely on the building blocks of interoperability that ONVIF has created. As we begin to plan for the post-pandemic world, these demands for interoperability between devices and systems will only continue to grow as organizations look for increasing levels of operational efficiencies offered by integrations and interoperability and embark on new ways of managing their spaces.

Finally, I want to thank my predecessor, Per Björkdahl, for his decade-long leadership of ONVIF, his work in ensuring the role of ONVIF in ongoing international standardization efforts and for his overall commitment to ONVIF and its mission.

I look forward to hearing your feedback through our social media channels and perhaps meeting at an upcoming event (later in 2021 and beyond).

Kind regards,

Leo Levit
Chairman, ONVIF Steering Committee


ONVIF Reaches 20,000 Conformant Products

ONVIF is pleased to announce that there are now more than 20,000 ONVIF profile conformant security products. This new milestone underscores the strong market demand for interoperability of hardware and software offerings and the relevance of ONVIF as a leading driver of open standards within physical security.

Much of the growth relating to the number of conformant products has happened within the past few years, as ONVIF surpassed 10,000 conformant products in 2018. This indicates a clear commitment from ONVIF members and the industry at large to building IP-based products and systems that enable users to build, change and grow their system free of proprietary constraints. Forthcoming ONVIF profiles – specifically the Profile M Release Candidate for metadata – are expected to drive further growth in the number of conformant products to meet interoperability needs in new operational environments, such as in the cloud and with systems running advanced analytics powered by artificial intelligence.

Profile M Release in June

ONVIF is preparing for the final release of Profile M in June. The Profile M Release Candidate standardizes the communication of metadata for smart applications. This release ensures the continued relevance of ONVIF in the market and paves the way for increased feature interoperability with IP cameras and video management systems.

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ONVIF Member Spotlight: Salient Systems

What does Salient Systems do? What services or products do you provide?

Salient is the leading software provider of comprehensive, enterprise-class Video Management Software and Systems. Salient leverages intelligent video technology to mitigate risk, improve service delivery, and drive positive business outcomes for customers worldwide. Salient’s award-winning CompleteView VMS platform offers a full range of applications for unmatched scalability through a fully open architecture.

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