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December 29, 2023 by ONVIF

As we look forward to 2024, there is little doubt some of the technologies that shaped the security industry in 2023 will continue to heavily influence the market in the year to come.  The use of metadata, cloud computing and cyber security were all past subjects of our blog this year. Following are a recap those blogs as a refresher – and stay tuned for much more on these topics here on the ONVIF blog in the coming months!

Cloud services ramp up

Cloud services will continue to make a major impact on connectivity – expanding physical security, safety and building intelligence to more places than ever before. This transformation – part loT, part digital innovation – can have a positive impact on end users and systems integrators.

A complete solution is now more practical than ever to achieve – as open systems communicate with each other and interoperability increases. It’s only the beginning – billions of connected devices will be part of the infrastructure as the years progress. Adoption of cloud technology also opens the door for new opportunities in managed service offerings and new ways of working for integrators and end users. To further enable interconnectivity via the cloud, what’s needed next is a standardized interface and protocols for cloud communications.

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How important are standards to the future of metadata?

In today’s digital age, vast amounts of data are being generated and exchanged across different systems and platforms, including security systems, IoT devices and other types of sensors. Metadata is crucial for organizing, discovering, and managing this vast amount of information, but without standards for handling metadata, the process can become chaotic, making it difficult to search, reuse, and share data across different systems.

Four of the leading companies in video surveillance – and ONVIF members – share their thoughts on the importance of standards for the true useability of metadata. 

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Back to cyber basics: TLS

The security of security systems has never been more important, with billions of security sensors and other edge devices connected to the Internet. 

One important fundamental aspect of securing a system that can sometimes be overlooked is protecting the communications between devices and software clients. The need for secure communication has been growing in demand and serves as the driver behind the new ONVIF TLS (Transport Layer Security) Configuration Add-on, set to be released later this year.

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