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April 15, 2022 by ONVIF

With James Segil – President & Co-Founder

What does your company do? What services, or products, do you provide?
Openpath, now a part of Motorola Solutions, is a leader in modern, cloud-based access control and safety solutions for the built world. Our readers and cloud-based software offer a mobile, touchless experience designed to enhance safety while reducing friction for end-users. 

How long has your company been in the physical security market?
Openpath was founded in 2016 and was acquired by Motorola Solutions in 2021 as part of Motorola Solutions’ Video Security & Access Control organization.

Why did you join ONVIF and how long has your company been a member?
Openpath joined ONVIF in July 2021.

To which specific profiles does your company’s products conform, and why is that beneficial to your business?
We support ONVIF (Profile S and Profile T) in the development of our Pro Series line of Video Readers, which was launched in July 2021. As our video portfolio expands, we will continue to develop new products in compliance with ONVIF as the de facto standard for video devices to work easily with others while ensuring they’re secure.

What does it mean to you to be a member of ONVIF and what kinds of business impacts have you seen as a result?
Developing our products in compliance with ONVIF standards has helped us appeal to customers by allowing our products to work easily with other software platforms. This was important to us as we foster an open ecosystem approach to our hardware and software, and we want customers to be able to use our Video Reader in cooperation with existing VMS platforms and other camera manufacturers. 

Are there any specific benefits membership brings to your business?
As an open platform provider for access control, we support the open standards that ONVIF supports as its core to our mission to make interoperability and integration easy. With the upcoming launch of our new App Marketplace, Openpath is taking its ecosystem of integration partners into our portal so that customers can more easily explore, try and purchase apps that integrate with our access control system. ONVIF gives us a level playing field so that we can appeal to many other technology partners who want a reliable and easy way to leverage our video capabilities and tie them back into their own systems.

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