ONVIF “Levels the Playing Field”

October 2, 2019 by ONVIF

To provide perspective on how ONVIF benefits the industry for everyone involved, Tim Shen authored an article titled “Creating a Level Playing Field, One Profile at a Time.” In the article, Shen discusses how ONVIF brings out the true values of companies by eliminating the vendor lock-in effect and providing a baseline of features that technology providers can build upon. This creates a level playing field for legacy manufacturers and start-ups, while in turn providing end users with more choices than ever before. 

“With the flexibility to blend legacy physical security devices and software with newer products, end users can implement best of breed solutions that would not be possible without the interoperability that ONVIF provides,” said Shen. “By leveling the playing field—and in turn giving developers the chance to focus on innovation—our world is made safer every day, and security systems are more accessible to users than ever before.”

Check out the full article here.


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