ONVIF Trivia Challenge: How well did you know ONVIF?

September 18, 2019 by ONVIF

Thank you to all of those who took part in the first ONVIF Trivia Challenge! We received responses from security professionals in all walks of life: sales people, integrators and manufacturers. While the challenge was a fun way for us and our member companies to let everyone know the latest ways ONVIF profiles are being implemented, it also showcased the industry’s continued commitment to providing open source, flexible solutions. Profile S for video streaming, the first ONVIF profile, was released in 2010 but still remains the most widely adopted profile today. This lets us know of one thing for sure: interoperability is here to stay.

“The creation of universal ONVIF standards has supported our product development objectives, as they help us to work with complementary technology companies,” said Greg Alcorn, Divisional Director, Synectics. “The interoperability that this provides ensures we can offer our customers new capabilities that really drive business change. It is hugely beneficial for us, the companies we work with, and of course the end-user.” 

Travis Gredley, Product Manager for Integrations at Avigilon, echoed Alcorn’s sentiment, adding that Avigilon is the first company to have both kinds of ONVIF conformant application types – device and client. With conformance in place, Avigilon is more readily available to integrators and end users.  Avigilon has plans to continue this trend of accessibility, with their new H5 camera lines conforming to ONVIF Profile T. 

“Our ONVIF membership has helped us continue to be at the forefront of developing solutions that provide tremendous value to our partners and customers,” Gredley said. 

As the needs of the industry change, ONVIF readily responds and adapts, allowing its member companies to focus on and maintain innovation. Stay tuned for details on the next ONVIF Trivia Challenge that will test your knowledge of ONVIF and its membership!


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