All you need to know about ONVIF at ISC West

April 17, 2019 by ONVIF

ISC West 2019 is a wrap!

ONVIF started the week with a standing-room-only panel presentation that tackled how interoperability standards in access control can contribute to smart building success. With perspectives from Bob Dolan, Director of Technology, Anixter; Per Björkdahl, Chairman of the ONVIF Steering Committee and Bryan Montany, principal analyst, IHS Markit, panel attendees heard various perspectives about the importance of standards and learned how ONVIF can contribute to the overall ease-of-use in a smart building environment. Montany provided statistics on the state of the access control market, noting that the cost to unify access control and video systems has dropped by 25%, in large part due to standards. The full presentation will be available online at a later date, so stay tuned!

Later in the week, ONVIF met with some of the 90+ member companies present at ISC West to discuss how ONVIF has impacted their business, and to learn what they believe ONVIF should focus on next. As a member driven organization, ONVIF is always happy to hear from their members on how they can improve. Have ideas of your own? Comment below!

Throughout the show, ONVIF hosted the ONVIF lounge, where attendees could take a break from the show floor, charge their phones and ready themselves for the rest of the day. There was much discussion involving Profile T, and the future of standards as it relates to both video and access control.

We appreciate all who took the time out of their day to provide feedback on our progress or how we can improve. Leveraging the ideas and participation of our members enables us to continue to provide standards for seamless interoperability.


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