The ONVIF Effect: 10 Years Later

November 13, 2018 by ONVIF

Over the past decade, most of the major manufacturers in the market have declared ONVIF conformance. Read on for the perspectives of five ONVIF members on the impact of ONVIF on the physical security market since its founding 10 years ago.

Please share with us a little about your company and what you think is the biggest impact ONVIF has had on the market in the last 10 years.


Jumbi Edulbehram, Regional President – Americas, Oncam:

Oncam is a global technology innovator offering a cloud-based business intelligence platform with industry-leading 360-degree video capture and analytics at its core. The company creates and deploys an open platform with specialized IP video and dewarping technology to create award-winning video-led solutions for stakeholders from the C-suite to the security officer in multiple customer sectors. Oncam allows better decisions to be made based on real-world and digital data.

I think the main impact ONVIF has had on the market is its ability to help customers customize solutions using a number of products on the market today, maximizing their investments and ensuring systems work together seamlessly to protect people and assets from threats – and that’s the true goal for all of us in security. ONVIF has been a catalyst for change in the realm of standardization, so much so that the standards have moved beyond video into access control, edge storage and advanced video streaming.


Jeff Corrall, Strategic Partnerships & Integrations, March Networks:

March Networks is a global provider of video surveillance and video-based business intelligence solutions.

With the adoption of ONVIF by a majority of physical security manufacturers, we now live in a world where connectivity between differently-branded products is no longer a question. The protocols make it easier for systems integrators to deliver a secure, seamlessly interoperable solution for customers and ensure that those customers are getting exactly what they need with no compromises.


Per Björkdahl / Director Business Industrial relations / Axis Communications:

Axis offers intelligent security solutions through innovative network products that enable a smarter and safer world.

ONVIF has opened the possibility for robust integration in multi-vendor environments. The industry has really embraced ONVIF as the de-facto integration standard. The proof is that the specifications developed by ONVIF have now been adopted by the preeminent global standards body, the International Electrotechnical Commission, both for video and for electronic access control, which gives the industry a clear direction and additional stability.


Yuji Kohga, Senior Technology Strategist, Sony:

Sony consists of the following segments: Imaging Products & Solutions (where our Security Unit under Professional Group belongs to), Mobile Communications, Game & Network Services, Home Entertainment & Sound, Semiconductors, Components, Pictures, Music, Financial Services, and all other businesses.

ONVIF has become a de facto standard in the industry! Look at the number of the conformant products!


Matt Bretoi, Vice President, Sales, North America at FLIR Systems, Inc.:

FLIR is a global leader in the manufacture of sensor systems that enhance perception and heighten awareness, helping to save lives, improve productivity and protect the environment.

ONVIF has highlighted the need for standards. Moreover, it was the first entity to highlight that need and take action. We need these standards, and they have played an instrumental role in helping facilitate integration among open third-party systems.





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