The ONVIF Influence

September 28, 2018 by ONVIF

After 10 years of providing open source options to the market, ONVIF has become the defacto standard for the security industry and, in turn, has changed the face of business for the market. Read on for the perspectives of some of our member companies on how ONVIF has affected them as technology manufacturers.

How has the influence of ONVIF affected you as a technology manufacturer? How has it affected your customers or your channels to market?

Geoff Hoyle, Engineering Services Manager, Costain
As a VMS supplier and integrator, it is much easier and less expensive to add devices to our system. Our customers are seeing ONVIF as way of avoiding lock in and for getting more value from their investment. Standardization ensures companies continue to innovate so that they can differentiate their products.

Alex Swanson, Head of Engineering, IndigoVision:
The aims of ONVIF are completely aligned with IndigoVision strategy. It has allowed us to focus engineering effort on adding real operator value to software rather than simply getting video to stream, PTZ cameras to move and alarms to be received.

Bob Dolan, Director of Technology – Security Solutions, Anixter:
Customers are more confident in their choice of cameras and recorders when the device meets the Profiles of ONVIF. They know that if they are dissatisfied with their current system, they are not stuck with it and can change to other Profile compliant devices to meet their needs.

Jumbi Edulbehram, Regional President- Americas, Oncam:
Oncam is dedicated to providing open systems, as they play a large role in giving users the freedom to choose which products to use. For example, end users aren’t locked into a specific manufacturer and are free to build a security solution that fits their needs. Oncam also recognizes the ability of open standards to simplify complex designs and installations. The simplification of installs passes on savings to the end user, since they aren’t having to upgrade all of their equipment and infrastructure.

For us the major benefit is saving developer resources, as most of the standard functionality in IP cameras is now supported via ONVIF. Our partners and clients do not have to wait for integration of a specific camera model for a project. For partners, it increases chances in competition. For clients, it means flexibility in the choice of edge devices.




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