ONVIF releases sample codes from Open Source Challenge

August 7, 2018 by ONVIF

Our recent ONVIF Open Source challenge resulted in some innovative submissions by talented developers from around the world, and showcased the true capabilities of using ONVIF in a variety of technological applications. The challenge proved to be a great demonstration of what can be done when different technologies are combined with open source standards. While the main purpose of the challenge was to illustrate the possibilities of such standards, the submissions also impressively demonstrate how to connect to ONVIF compatible devices from various programming languages. These cover not only Java and C++, but also specialized languages like C#, Kotlin, Swift, PHP, Python, and Visual Basic with sample applications, adding to the resources that developers can use when building applications around the ONVIF specification.

These examples can be found on a new resource page that highlights the ONVIF challenge winner as well as other submissions considered to be good examples of new capabilities. It is our hope that these codes are used for future technology development. All components of the featured applications are open source and available to the public. From there, developers can use the sample codes for their own ideas, either copying them directly or altering them to fit specific needs.

With the conclusion of the challenge and the new sample codes available, we encourage developers to take advantage of the open source resources available and continue to help us pave the way to interoperability.


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