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June 26, 2018 by ONVIF

ONVIF means different things for different companies. Read on for the perspectives of five ONVIF members on the impact of ONVIF on the physical security market since its founding 10 years ago.


What does your company do?

Tim Shen, Marketing Director, Dahua Technology:
Dahua Technology provides full security solutions including video surveillance, access control, alarm intrusion, intercom, TV walls as well as video management software.

Geoff Hoyle, Engineering Services Manager, Costain:
Costain is a leading technology-based engineering solutions provider, operating across many sectors such as transport, energy, oil, water and defense.

Peter Ainsworth, Product General Manager, Video, Johnson Controls:
Tyco Security Products, part of Johnson Controls, is a unified group of world-leading video, access control, location based security and intrusion brands.

Bob Dolan, Director of Technology – Security Solutions, Anixter:
Anixter is a value added distributor of cabling and security infrastructure products used to build, connect, power, and protect commercial and private facilities.

 Alex Swanson, Head of Engineering, IndigoVision:
IndigoVision provide a complete end-to-end security solution; from video management software to cyber security, cameras to Network Video Recorders and integrations to Artificial Intelligence.

From your perspective, what is the biggest impact ONVIF has had on the market in the last 10 years?

Tim Shen, Dahua Technology:
ONVIF eliminated the chaos as video surveillance has transitioned from analog to IP. With the industry standards that ONVIF has developed, it provides the video surveillance market a common language to talk to each other. It creates a big leap for IP-based products, allowing systems integrators and end-users to use the benefits of what technology truly brings to the market.

Geoff Hoyle, Costain:
From our perspective, it has allowed us to provide much more choice to our customers and more value for their money.

Peter Ainsworth, Johnson Controls:
The biggest impact is allowing the interoperability between multiple vendors’ products to bring greater choice for the end-customer.

Bob Dolan, Anixter:
The Profile policy has given the surveillance industry a rallying point for developing and improving products.

Alex Swanson, IndigoVision:
Expectations have changed. Customers now expect cameras from any vendor to work with software from any vendor. Ten years ago they expected them not to work without having to buy or commission some custom development.


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