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April 9, 2018 by Per Björkdahl

2018 holds special significance for ONVIF as it marks our 10th year as an organization striving for interoperability within the physical security industry. We’re proud to have accomplished so much in those 10 years, from that “notes on the napkin” moment, where ONVIF founders sketched out the framework for fulfilling the industry’s need for interoperability standards to developing six unique profiles that address our market’s main areas of demand.

But our work doesn’t stop there. Through the years we’ve partnered with other standards initiatives, such as SIA, to provide cooperative approaches to the industry at large in an effort to better fit industry needs. We are always striving to clarify, educate and promote interoperability, because at ONVIF we believe that every security system should have a common interface.

For 2018, education and engagement is key to our strategy, and to that end, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to our ONVIF Blog.  It is here where’ll you’ll find information on all the latest happenings from ONVIF, perspectives from ONVIF on hot topics from the industry and the voice of our member companies on issues facing our market or others that have influence on the technology that we use, design, install, or develop.

We’d be pleased if you’d leave your comments on our posts to let us know if the topic struck a chord, presented a new perspective or an idea that you completely disagree with!

Author bio:

Per Björkdahl is the current Chair of the ONVIF Steering Committee and has been since the fall of 2012. Per is involved with ONVIF’s conformance initiatives and represents the member-driven organization as a speaker at trade shows and other technology events and to the media at large. His professional career includes a lifelong commitment to technical convergence with Axis Communications and companies like TAC (now part of Schneider Electric), advocating for the acceptance of communications standards in the building automation industry.

Per has worked in the physical security industry for more than 25 years and was an early supporter of IP technology within the industry. Per is currently Axis Communications’ Director of Business Development, a position he has held for more than 16 years.


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