ONVIF Specification Map version 2.1.1

Core Specification

Any ONVIF compliant device must implement the functions and services defined in the Core Specification.

ONVIF Core Specification

The following functional areas are covered:
  • Device Discovery
  • Device Management
  • Event Framework

Data Format Specification

This section includes documents specifying ONVIF extensions to data transport formats for Video, Audio and Metadata.

Service Specifications

The documents in this section define ONVIF compliant services as used by the device types.

Device Type Definitions

This section lists typical device types. For each device type a separate specification list the included services. To ease navigation the referenced service documents are listed below. Filled circles mark mandatory services while bare circles denote conditionalor optional ones that are typically used for the referenced type.

Network Video Display - NVD

Device that receives media data over an IP network and outputs it. For example, an NVD may be an IP network video monitor which displays video and outputs audio.

Network Video Storage - NVS

Device that records media and metadata received from a streaming device, such as an NVT, to a permanent storage medium.

Network Video Analytics - NVA

Device that performs analysis on media data and meta data received from from an IP streaming device.

The following documents have been deprecated with the release of the corresponding Profile:

Network Video Transmitter - NVT

Device that sends media data over an IP network to a client. For example, an NVT may be an IP network camera or an encoder device.
For up to date conformance please refer to the Profile S specification.
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