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How is ONVIF organized?

ONVIF, founded by Axis Communications, Bosch Security Systems, and Sony Corporation, is established as a non-profit organization to act on behalf of the members to facilitate the development of a global standard for interfaces of IP-based physical security products.

ONVIF consists of a Steering Committee, Technical Committee, Technical Services Committee, and Communication Committee. General management and voting procedures follow established terms of reference for open standards initiatives and are defined in the Rules of Membership available for download on the ONVIF website (www.onvif.org).

The committees can establish working groups to accomplish tasks related to their work.

What are the roles and responsibilities of committees and working groups?

The work in ONVIF is driven and carried out by its members in various committees and working groups. The Steering Committee is responsible for ONVIF's overall strategy and budget. The Technical Committee drives the development of ONVIF's core specification as well as the technical direction and roadmap. Working Groups under the TC include Core WG, Security WG, Physical Access WG and Video Enhancement WG. The Technical Services Committee is responsible for the development of test specification, test tool and conformance process. Working Groups under the TSC include: Device Testing WG, Client Testing Workgroup, Profile Q WG, Profile A WG, Advanced Streaming Profile Proposal WG and Developers’ Plug Fest Task Force. The Communication Committee is responsible for ONVIF's external and internal communication.