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Currently how many members does ONVIF have?

Currently, the member count is nearly 500 companies in six continents. A complete member list can be accessed on the ONVIF website (www.onvif.org).

Who can join ONVIF and how do I become a member?

As an open forum, membership is available to all companies and organizations who wish to participate in the activities of ONVIF, e.g., device manufacturers, software vendors, integrators, consultants and end users within the security industry.

All relevant information and documents on membership registration as well as the Rules of Membership can be found on the ONVIF website (www.onvif.org).

What membership levels are available? And what are the responsibilities and privileges when participating in the forum?

ONVIF offers four levels of membership: user, contributing, full and observer member, to accommodate individual choices of participation. Full or contributing members can actively influence the development of the standard by participating in the work of the forum. The user member level is open to organizations that wish to use the network interface specification and have access to specification proposals but do not want to participate in any work of the forum. The Observer member level is best suited for the Press, having access to conformance tools and the ONVIF logo. Technology and test tools will be made available to all ONVIF members to facilitate the development of conformant products.

What are the costs involved (membership fees) for participating?

ONVIF offers four levels of membership with costs attributed accordingly. Details of the costs involved are clarified in the Rules of Membership available for download on the ONVIF website (www.onvif.org).

The purpose of the membership fees is to cover the administration costs related to the non-profit organization and other costs directly related to the forum.

Who can use the ONVIF logo?

Only ONVIF members have the right to use the ONVIF logo. The logo can be used to promote their membership and conformant products. The usage of the ONVIF logo must follow the logo guidelines provided by ONVIF. The ONVIF logo guidelines are available to all members through the member area on the ONVIF website (www.onvif.org).